Infinity Nikki, an open-world dress-up adventure, is coming to PS5

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Infinity Nikki, an open-world dress-up adventure, is coming to PS5

Collect outfits with unique abilities to overcome challenges, explore and more, with a PS5 beta due later this year.

Hello, everyone! I’m Runhao Yao, producer of Infinity Nikki and founder of Infold Games. I’m excited to share the latest developments about our game in today’s State of Play. Infinity Nikki is coming to PS5 and will start beta testing on PS5 console in Q3 2024.

Infinity Nikki, an open-world dress-up adventure, is coming to PS5

Have you heard of Nikki? Developed by Infold Games, the Nikki series is a collection of dress-up games that’s evolved over the course of 12 years. Nikki has grown alongside her fans. And with each generation, we aim to elevate our technology and expand our scope. We constantly push ourselves to enhance our series’ quality. In this fifth installment, Infinity Nikki, we merge dress-up gameplay with the open-world genre, allowing Nikki to explore by using the special abilities of different outfits in a warm, delightful world. This can enrich players’ gaming experience and spice up their life.

The vast, marvelous world of Miraland

Miraland is the setting of the Nikki series. On this continent, styling isn’t just a pursuit of beauty. It also has magical powers. In past games, Nikki is given the mission to save Miraland, and she relies on the power of styling to change the world’s fate. The clothing styles from various nations, whether splendid or fantastical, add unique aspects to Nikki’s journey.

Infinity Nikki opens up a new chapter. Nikki and her friend Momo arrive in a Miraland that’s from an alternate timeline. A great world lies before them, bringing infinite possibilities and more challenges. However, Nikki’s resolve remains unwavering as always.

Nikki will travel with Momo across Miraland’s extraordinary nations, each with a unique culture and history. They’ll encounter all sorts of people and creatures filled with creativity and whimsy. They’ll also be able to collect exquisite outfits of various styles through different means. On their journey, Nikki and Momo will encounter special scenarios and perplexing puzzles. They overcome trials together, which shows the strength of their friendship.

Dress-up and open-world exploration

The game’s trailer shows Nikki switching between outfits to utilize their special abilities.

Floating Outfit: Nikki becomes lighter and can effortlessly float over obstacles.

Purification Outfit: Nikki releases magical orbs to save creatures that have been corrupted by demonic energy.

Gliding Outfit: When navigating through a large stone forest, Nikki wears this to glide through the air on a flower she summons.

Shrinking Outfit: Nikki can shrink and stay on Momo’s head to pass through places that are inaccessible to others. Controlling Momo allows you to experience a unique gameplay perspective. Momo’s tiny physique allows him to easily enter tight spaces such as tree holes or a cannon. He can also interact with special mechanisms. For example, he can use air currents to lift himself and explore higher or hidden locations.

Floating, purifying, gliding, shrinking… We’ve given players a variety of outfits that will help them overcome complex environments and challenges, revealing a different perspective on open-world exploration and inviting you to discover endless fun.

Dress-up and relaxation

Miraland is also a world for you to relax in and enjoy without worries.

Change into different outfits to fish, catch bugs with a net, or collect wool from sheep. With an in-depth gathering system, the materials Nikki finds will eventually be used to craft outfits. Whether you’re in the meadow, frolicking among the flowers, or by the river, you can meet fascinating creatures! There’s a fish shaped like a handkerchief, a cat with shirt-like fur, a worm that resembles a sock… Every branch and bud can hold surprises you’ve never seen before.

We’ve also given Momo, Nikki’s adventuring pal, Momo’s Camera. Its settings can be adjusted, which turns the world into a giant photography studio. Enjoy Miraland’s beautiful landscapes while dressing up Nikki in your favorite styles and taking gorgeous photos.

Should you meet someone offering hot air balloon rides at a street corner, take that chance to capture Miraland’s stunning sunsets from hundreds of meters in the air.

Dress-up and challenging adventures

As players progress through the game, they’ll encounter exciting challenges that require the use of different outfit abilities.

These levels blend puzzle-solving, collecting, and platforming. Nikki and Momo will race in mine carts with the wind, navigate through the miniature worlds of Beauty Lab, or run from ghosts in railcars. Each diorama-like level brings unique challenges and fun through various gimmicks and designs.

In the world of Infinity Nikki, styling allows Nikki to freely mix and match and is the key to unlocking Miraland’s infinite possibilities. We believe this will offer an unparalleled gameplay experience.

Thank you for supporting Infinity Nikki, which will launch on PS5. We look forward to meeting you in Miraland!

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