Dynasty Warriors: Origins revealed for PS5, out 2025  

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Dynasty Warriors: Origins revealed for PS5, out 2025  

1 vs. 1,000 action is reborn as Omega Force ushers in a new era of tactical hack and slash action. 

When the original Dynasty Warriors debuted back in 1997, little did we know that 27 years later Koei Tecmo would be introducing an electrifying new entry into the series, ready to deliver Dynasty Warriors to the next generation of action gamers. 

Dynasty Warriors: Origins unleashes the largest armies ever seen in the series while also introducing a new hero to the exhilarating 1 vs. 1,000 action that made the franchise famous. But before I go any further, please take a look at the announcement trailer.

Dynasty Warriors: Origins revealed for PS5, out 2025  

Dynasty Warriors: Origins is being developed by the fantastic team at Omega Force, a team that is poised for a fresh start with this game (complete with new logo), and we’re out to prove with Origins that we are not only going back to our hack and slash roots with the type of action our fans crave, but we are here to redefine expectations! I am certain that in this game, we will deliver a most excellent experience that we were not able to accomplish in the series until now, carving out a new history for both Dynasty Warriors and Omega Force!  

Since Dynasty Warriors 2 (the original Dynasty Warriors was a fighting game!), the roots of this series have always been based around the “sense of realism on the battlefield” and “the exhilaration of 1 vs. 1,000” gameplay. In Dynasty Warriors: Origins, we will return to these roots to deliver this non-stop action to not only our most loyal fans of the series, but to all game fans worldwide. In Dynasty Warriors: Origins, we’ve been able amplify the feeling of tension on the battlefield while also being able to deliver the epic sense of exhilaration after overcoming the odds in the most thrilling warfare we’ve ever been able to create.   

To achieve this, we’re making the most of the PS5 hardware specs, creating an all-new Warriors-like battlefield where you’re challenged by massive armies as far as the eye can see! With the overwhelming number and scale of enemy armies pushing towards you, you’ll have to act fast and with force if you want to survive. In addition to your own striking power, you’ll need to coordinate with allied armies and enjoy the tactical aspects of gameplay in order to take out the hoard of enemies in our most tension-filled fights to date. 

This image shows the nameless hero on horseback, surrounded on all sides by an army, charging towards a castle in the far distance.. This image shows the nameless hero on horseback, following a legion of soldiers as they race through the castle’s interior. Just in front of them, some of the castle’s battlements are crumbling after being the focus of an explosion.

An original protagonist appears

But that’s not all, as for the first time in Dynasty Warriors franchise history, we will depict the chaos of the Three Kingdoms from the eyes of a ‘nameless hero’. Play through the historical tale of war through the eyes of our new protagonist, showcasing the vast land of China and its timeless soldiers and generals like never before! 

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months as we reveal more about our new nameless hero and his fight for the Three Kingdoms before Dynasty Warriors: Origins is released in 2025.

This image is a close up portrait of the nameless hero. This image shows the nameless hero leaping into battle, spear ready to thrust down into the legion of enemies that mill around below him.

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