Ballad of Antara is a world-bending action-RPG coming to PS5 in 2025

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Ballad of Antara is a world-bending action-RPG coming to PS5 in 2025

Venture across two worlds alone or with friends.

Hi, I’m Yang Yang, head of Tipsworks Studio from Infoldgames. I’m honored to introduce our new game, Ballad of Antara, to the amazing PlayStation community. This grand, new action-RPG title is a new IP, created with the highest fidelity, and will be free to play. Please take a look at our reveal trailer below.

Ballad of Antara is a world-bending action-RPG coming to PS5 in 2025

For this new IP, we set out to create a vast world, both in geological scale and cultural variation. In the normal version of this world, common folk reside. In another version of the world, peculiar sightings and encounters await. We call this unimaginable part of the world “Para”. Fundamental essences of the living world are taken away and trapped inside the Para from the invasion of an ancient power, and that’s where our story begins.

This image show a large flower-like plant sitting on an island in the middle of a pond. The plant’s petals are withered and hardened. Rocky outcrops surround the pool. This image shows the Para version of the same location. The plant’s petals here are flourishing and boast a rich purple colour. The surrounding terrain is slightly different as well, the rocky outcrops joined by rocks floating in the air.

You’ll experience an adventure of two intertwined fates through exotic landscapes. For each new destination you travel to, you will explore a handcrafted gameplay space with intricate, exploration-oriented level design. Each destination has its own unique Para as their own unique essence is taken away, with drastically different biome, stories, heroes, and adversaries.

This image shows multiple figures in a snowy forest. All dress similarly - long, ragged robes, white hair that obscures their faces, and chains bound to their arms which seem to float upwards. This image shows a sword-wielder, with a child on their back, facing off against a huge hulking boss creature.

Ballad of Antara is an action-RPG with multiple playable characters. These characters possess the power to traverse the two worlds of normalcy and unimaginable. We call them “Emissaries”. Each Emissary has their own unique class, gameplay capabilities, and their own enticing, mysterious stories we want to tell.

This image shows a fight scene between multiple creatures. To the left, a skulking quadruped, in the middle, a broad-shouldered humanoid swinging a shield, to the right, a figure carrying a huge bell on their back. This image shows a female character with a fur-lined hood and grasping a wooden staff.

Finding and rallying these Emissaries across the world, strengthening your forces, and discovering the truth behind the calamity of this land, are your primary goals in Ballad of Antara. The young girl shown at the end of our reveal trailer is the key to this endeavor. You will help her undo the devastation done to this desolate world through trials, twists, and confrontation, and witness her growth along the way.

This image shows a male character carrying a young girl on his back. Both are studying a light source emanating from the girl’s outstretched palm.

Besides an engrossing single-player narrative, Ballad of Antara will also offer multiplayer support up to 3 players, so you can venture with your friends, or find other players to face this challenging land head on, including story quests, exploration, and intricately crafted dungeons.

For us, this has been a huge undertaking for the last four years. Today, we are excited to finally be able to reveal it, and right now we are hard at work to release the game in 2025. Post launch, we also plan to keep updating the game with new Emissaries, new zones, continuation of the story, and more.

This image is a wide shot of a mountainous region, with trees populating the tops of each topside plain.

We hope the world of Ballad of Antara stays with you and grows with you for years to come. We will be showing more of the game later this year, and we plan to work with our friends at PlayStation to bring a Ballad of Antara beta test to PS5 when we are ready.

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