New Destiny 2: The Final Shape gameplay plunges deeper into The Traveler, out June 4

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New Destiny 2: The Final Shape gameplay plunges deeper into The Traveler, out June 4

Bungie dives deeper into the upcoming expansion’s new enemies, combat abilities, PvP impact, and more.

We’re just one week away from the launch of Destiny 2: The Final Shape on June 4. Bungie’s ambitious expansion marks a momentous crescendo in the 10-year journey players have been on. Guardians can finally enter the Traveler and face new threats conjured and cajoled by The Witness. Luckily, players wield powerful new Transcendence abilities and the ultra-customizable Prismatic subclass.

New Destiny 2: The Final Shape gameplay plunges deeper into The Traveler, out June 4

To help prepare for The Final Shape we have Bungie’s Combat Area Lead, Ben Wommack, to discuss new enemies, abilities, what awaits inside The Traveler, and more.

PlayStation Blog: The Final Shape marks a pivotal moment for Destiny players. What is the player’s primary goal in the campaign?

Ben Wommack: To enter the Traveler, journey through its Pale Heart, and confront the ultimate antagonist of the last 10 years of Destiny, The Witness, who is enacting its eons-old plan to create The Final Shape of the universe.

How are we seeing The Witness augment aligned enemies, and how does that translate into combat?

By tearing a hole in the Traveler and entering its Pale Heart, The Witness can manipulate the Traveler’s Light and its own Darkness to further its plans to enact The Final Shape. By mixing these paracausal energies, The Witness can bestow its forces with a crude Prismatic shield that can’t be broken by normal attacks. These are known as “Bound” enemies, as they are now invulnerable but also shackled to the powers the Witness is wielding.

Fortunately, players can shatter these shields with their new Transcendence ability, accessible either from Wellsprings found in the world or via equipping the new Prismatic subclass and charging your Light and Darkness bars. Encountering Bound enemies will force players to change up their battlefield plans and weave Transcendence into their flow, creating new opportunities for exciting combat moments.

New Dread enemies enter the fray. What makes them unique to other factions in Destiny 2?

The Dread combatants are built off years of lessons and experiences from the Destiny 2 team. They are the Witness’s personal army it has gathered (even created) to stop anyone from interfering with its plans to enact The Final Shape. We knew they had to feel different from other factions, so we tried a lot of new visual ideas and tried to break expectations with their mechanics.

One example is how the Weaver and Harbinger have Strand powers, which is a first for Destiny combatants. Another is the Husk, who will launch the Geist creature from its body if its weak spot isn’t targeted. My personal favorite is the Grim, our “bat with a gun” or “gun bat!”. Its wings and battlefield mobility are awesome to both see and fight!

Lethal lava rises during a Strike in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, forcing players to avoid touching the floor.

How will the new Transcendence abilities and Prismatic subclass impact competitive play?

We spent careful attention and lots of balancing time on how Prismatic and the Transcendence ability will play in PvP against Guardians of all kinds of builds. Our intention is not to usurp the other subclasses and ways players engage with PvP, but add new elements to the PvP meta space, shift the paradigm a bit, and break expectations in fun ways. Players running Prismatic will feel a bit like a wild card of an opponent sometimes, which brings its own brand of excitement to a match.

One important detail is how your Light and Darkness meters for activating Transcendence will keep their progress after you die in a match and between rounds. It’s totally possible to orient your build around building Transcendence in PvP, which is a fun way to approach using the subclass!

What are your personal favorite examples of Prismatic subclass builds?

I love what we’re calling the “Buddy Build” for Prismatic Warlocks. You equip Phoenix Dive, Hellion, Weaver’s Call, Song of Flame, Storm Grenade, and the Getaway Artist exotic armor. You Phoenix Dive into combat to create Threadlings and a Hellion buddy, then consume your Arc grenade to create an Arc Soul. Afterwards, you cast Song of Flame to bring out all your Solar bird friends!

Enter the Traveler and bring the fight to The Witness when Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches on June 4.

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