Stellar Blade adds new Boss Challenge mode on May 24

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Stellar Blade adds new Boss Challenge mode on May 24

Details from Shift Up on new content coming to the third-person action game.

Greetings! Patch 1.003 for Stellar Blade goes live today. Eve’s mission is far from over, and we at Shift Up are working to make Stellar Blade shine even brighter. We’re happy to present to you the new Boss Challenge, new Nano Suits, and improved convenience features coming in this patch update on May 24.

Boss Challenge

The Boss Challenge pits you against the 19 bosses from the base game. Hone your skills, outwit your enemies… and brutalize them.

Progression in the Boss Challenge requires battle data from bosses you’ve previously defeated. You can also fight bosses on Hard difficulty setting after you’ve seen the ending of the game. 

To start the challenge, you can either load up and use your own gear you’ve been using or choose one of several presets. Choose the minimum preset for a true challenge, which is extremely understated, or the maximum preset, which has all of your skills and stats buffed up, if you want to taunt the boss with some spectacular combat.

After the challenge is over, your battle data is automatically analyzed. You’ll see metrics like battle time, number of perfect parries and dodges, consumable usage, and more. Test your skills and compare with your friends. 

If you defeat all bosses in the Boss Challenge on Normal difficulty setting or higher, you’ll get to earn the Neurolink Suit for Eve. Hats off to your strength!

New Nano Suits added

Blood, blade… and beauty. Eve can be summarized in these three words. New Nano Suits have been added to bring out her beauty even more.

The two Nano Suits above, White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi, will be available in this new update.

And check out the game yourself for more Nano Suits.

Quality-of-life improvements

If you switch to ranged attack mode and switch back while locked on to an enemy, you will automatically lock on to the enemy again.

Also, we’re adding an option to always show the compass in the HUD.

All of these will be available on May 24 on PS5. Ready yourselves to reclaim Earth for humankind.

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