Synth Riders goes ‘80s with new music pack, out April 23

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Synth Riders goes ‘80s with new music pack, out April 23

Take On Me, Whip It, and more hits coming to PS VR2 in the 80s Mixtape – Side A.

I don’t know about you, but I think the 1980s are awesome! Big hair, big shoulder pads, and huge hits. So we put together a mixtape: Synth Riders 80s Mixtape – Side A… and it’s coming to the PlayStation VR2 on April 23.

We picked five favorites from the 80s, then created dancy beat maps inspired by the era. So, whether you came up in Gen X, or just learned about this stuff from YouTube videos and Stranger Things, we’ve got some new Synth Riders add-on tracks for you to take on.

80s Mixtape – Side A features:

  • a-ha – Take on Me
  • Starship – We Built This City
  • Devo – Whip It 
  • Phil Collins – Sussudio
  • INXS – New Sensation


  • Free 1980s-inspired Endless Cafe Stage for all Synth Riders owners

The only thing that screams, “Totally 80s” more than the music is the looks of the era. I was talking with Esteban Meneses, 3D Artist on Synth Riders, about what it’s like recapturing a party from 40 years ago:

“It’s like trying to capture a melody that everyone remembers a bit differently. Some might remember the neon glow of arcade games, others the revolutionary sound of synth-pop, or the emergence of digital culture. Our challenge is making sure it feels authentic whether you lived through the ’80s or experienced it secondhand.”

That’s why the team took inspiration from the ’50s café vibes with the fun of ’80s bowling alleys, then sprinkled in some retro-futuristic flair. Kind of like how in Back to the Future II people looked back at the 1980s (from 2015!).

Of course, it wouldn’t be the ‘80s without lots of pink, light blue, and chrome shine. “We wrapped these colors around the stage for that classic ’80s pop. It’s all about mixing these unique elements – colors, luxury, and design – into the game’s world to spark that retro feel.”

Alright, enough talk. It’s time to slip on some bangles (or your controllers) and get ready to relive five totally awesome 80s tracks on Synth Riders 80s Mixtape – Side A!

The new Add-Ons will be available for download as a pack ($7.99) or as individual tracks ($1.99/song) on April 23..

P.S. As you gathered from the name of the pack, this is just side “A.” We’re working on assembling another Mixtape, but we’d love to hear from you. What are YOUR favorite things that came out of the 1980s?

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