Revealing 5 India Hero Project games coming to PlayStation

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Revealing 5 India Hero Project games coming to PlayStation

First details on a selection of new games from an India-based developer cohort.

PlayStation has been part of India’s vibrant gaming scene for over two decades. In May 2023, we embarked on an ambitious journey with the India Hero Project. We aimed to unearth and empower India’s brightest game development talents to share their unique visions with gamers globally. The response was spectacular, with an avalanche of entries that showcased the rich tapestry of Indian culture, innovation, and storytelling.

Today, we’re excited to unveil the inaugural cohort of the India Hero Project at our landmark first developer conference in India – Develop India. Join us in celebrating their achievements and the exciting future they represent for gaming. This marks not just a milestone for these talented developers, but a leap forward in our journey to bring extraordinary gaming experiences from India to the world.

Get to know the upcoming India-developed games coming to PlayStation below, and stay tuned for future information regarding release timing.

Meteora: The Race Against Space Time

Developer: Big Boot Games

Shoot yourself into the nebula and join a race for survival. In this arcade combat racer, you’re not just a meteor but a force of nature. Cascade your way through a volatile universe of awe and wonder as you outmaneuver, pursue, and obliterate rival meteors in a dazzling display of strategy and skill.

Harness the power of the cosmos, level up your abilities, and climb the leaderboard in an experience that’s as thrilling as it is unforgiving. Your adventure awaits on PlayStation 5, PS VR2, and PC. 


Developer: imissmyfriends 

Fishbowl is a slice-of-life story that takes players on a journey of nostalgia and melancholy, exploring themes of grief, connection, and self-discovery, set in the cultural landscape of urban India. The world is filled with crafted pixel art and an original Lofi soundtrack that forms the backdrop of our game. Fishbowl weaves together a multigenerational narrative, following the aspirations of Alo as she embarks on her first job in a new city, although working from home. 

Your decisions throughout the game will shape Alo’s journey, leading to moments of reliving the past and coming to terms with the present through a month of challenges and discoveries with Alo. Prepare for Fishbowl’s robust storytelling and immersive gameplay, coming soon to PlayStation 5 and PC.


Developer: Underdogs Studio

Mukti is a first-person story exploration game set within the immersive environment of an Indian museum, delving deep into a critical social issue: human trafficking. In Mukti, players embark on a journey of discovery as they navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the museum, uncovering the harrowing truths and hidden narratives behind the scourge of human trafficking. Through rich storytelling and immersive gameplay mechanics, Mukti invites players to confront the realities that victims and survivors face, shedding light on this pressing global issue.

Drawing inspiration from authentic narratives and meticulously researched historical contexts, Mukti aims to raise awareness, provoke thought, and inspire action. Each interaction within the game is designed to provoke empathy, spark dialogue, and ignite change.

Launching on PlayStation 5 and PC, Mukti offers an impactful gaming experience that enlightens and empowers. 

Requital: Gates of Blood

Developer: Holy Cow Productions

Requital: Gates of Blood is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer inspired by Egyptian mythology set in the mystical underworld of Duat. Players assume the role of Zahrah, traversing the afterlife to defeat the mighty guardians of the Gates of Duat. Through a series of intense boss-rush-like encounters, players confront powerful gods, demons, and beasts.

Embark on your journey of retribution from the celestial Nile, delving into the dark and twisted realms of the Duat. Engage in the immersive interactions with entirely hand-drawn characters and environments as you unravel the lore that permeates this enigmatic underworld.

Launching on PlayStation 5 and PC, traverse the Gates of Duat and forge a path through the afterlife.

Suri: The Seventh Note

Developer: Tathvamasi

Suri: The Seventh Note is a 2D action-exploration game set in the enchanting backdrop of mythical India. A world brimming with captivating Indian mythology-inspired narratives, vibrant characters, and mythical locales, from the floating temples in the Himalayas, the lost forts of Rajasthan, ancient jungles nestled in the Western Ghats, and many more. Platforming meets a unique musical dimension as the game’s world synchronizes seamlessly with an enigmatic beat. 

Uncover the connection between rhythm and the mystical realm of Ragamandala as you traverse its landscapes and unravel its secrets. This journey promises to transport players to a realm where every step is accompanied by the pulsating heartbeat of the game’s universe. 

Get ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure, coming soon to PS5 and PC.

Stay tuned for more information on the India Hero Project and all the games in development as we work to bring new gaming experiences to players worldwide.

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