Ed boxes his way into Street Fighter 6 on February 27

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Ed boxes his way into Street Fighter 6 on February 27

The troubled protégé will prove he's no longer a pawn when he enters Fighting Ground, World Tour, and the Battle Hub.

Entering the ring on February 27 in Street Fighter 6 is the troubled protégé, the bad boy of boxing, the Young Commander, Ed. With psycho power imbued within, Ed beats down his enemies with a flurry of fists to prove that he’s the true high-def picture of strength.

Ed boxes his way into Street Fighter 6 on February 27

First appearing in Street Fighter V, Ed was initially to be used as an alternate body for M. Bison, but rejected the idea and managed to escape. Coming into his own confidence, he formed Neo Shadaloo with a group of other experiments, intending to help others like them. In present-day Street Fighter 6, he senses movement in the shadows from the remnants of Shadaloo. Ed soon discovers they have a twisted goal and need his unique abilities to achieve it.


“Ed is a high-speed boxer. We designed his lower half so that you can clearly see his nimble footwork and added some volume to his upper body to make his punches look impactful,” according to Game Director Takayuki Nakayama. “ We also hope you take notice of the emblem on his chest and the design on his back. His attack animations have also changed significantly from Street Fighter V. To respect his background as a traditional boxer, all his attacks are now punches (except for his Level 2 Super Art). His kick buttons have been designated to various flicker attacks.”

Find the brazen boxer in World Tour on the subway fighting the Mad Gear Gang. Like all the Year 1 Characters, you can increase your bond with Ed and learn his psycho-powered moves (hot-headed attitude not included). Bring those moves into Avatar Battles in the Battle Hub to see what new combos you can create.


We’ve seen comments asking how Ed will work with Modern Controls since his inputs were already simplified in Street Fighter V. We decided to keep his simplified inputs and incorporated them in his Modern Controls while creating expanded inputs for his Classic Controls. Ed now has quarter-circle and dragon-punch inputs for his special moves in Classic. What an edge lord, right?

Ed is still the psycho-powered boxer you know and love, imbuing his fists with chaotic force and master boxing techniques. Scouring the lands to help other ill-fated experiments has significantly upgraded Ed’s usage of psycho power. Psycho Blitz gives Ed another 1-2-3, but in a single special move, Ed unleashes a series of punches cloaked in Psycho Power.

The new and improved Psycho Flicker is vital in Ed’s ability to control space. Performed on its own, Ed releases a quick flicker jab from a distance in one of three directions to catch the opponent off-guard. If you hold this button down, Ed will use his Psycho Snatcher from Street Fighter V to pull in opponents with psycho-powered tendrils.


Kill Rush is a new special move that resembles Psycho Swing and Smash from Street Fighter V. Ed either advances forward or performs a bob and weave backward. From the forward version, Ed can follow up with two moves. Kill Switch Break is a short, useful uppercut for closing distance. Kill Switch Chaser sees Ed unleash a powerful uppercut that sends the opponent spiraling in the air, making it easy to follow up with a combo.

Ed’s Level 1 Super Art, Psycho Storm, sees him striking opponents with high-speed flicker jabs. His Level 2 Super, Psycho Cannon, should look familiar to Street Fighter V fans. Previously, in his V-Trigger I, Ed generated a multi-hitting ball of psycho power that moved forward.

Finally, in Ed’s Level 3 Super Art, Psycho Chamber, he turns opponents into his own personal punching bag by tying their limbs and pummeling them in the name of Neo Shadaloo.

Coming with Ed is a new stage: Ruined Lab. Step into the aftermath of Shadaloo’s fall as their laboratory lies in shambles featuring now-defunct test subjects. Year 1 Ultimate Pass owners will automatically receive this stage on February 27.

Ed will be unlocked on February 27 for owners of the Year 1 Character Pass, Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Deluxe Edition, or Ultimate Edition. When he arrives, Ed’s Outfit 2, inspired by his Story Outfit from Street Fighter V, will also be available.

With the Ed update, we will also add some quality-of-life features. The game’s PC version will now have the ability to switch button displays to PlayStation buttons.

An Extra Lighting feature will be added to Photo mode, making capturing dark places easier and illuminating characters for better shots.

Celebrate Ed’s incoming entrance with the Ed Arrives! Fighting Pass. Active right now until he releases on February 27. Until then, prepare to make way for the leader of Neo Shadaloo.

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