Helldivers 2 story recap, plus free post-launch story updates confirmed

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Helldivers 2 story recap, plus free post-launch story updates confirmed

Arrowhead catches up new recruits on the history of Super Earth.

The Helldivers universe is one of noble soldiers, heroic deeds, and heartfelt, unflinching patriotism in the face of giant acid-spewing bug monsters.

“I personally love writing for a game with opportunities for comedy, and that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I hope I can find a game like that soon…”

– Stephen Flowers, Game Writer, Arrowhead Game Studios

If you want to catch up with the story of Super Earth and her valiant defenders before Helldivers 2 launched on February 8, read on. Plus, we share the first news that the story will continue in post-launch Helldivers 2 updates.

Helldivers 2 story recap, plus free post-launch story updates confirmed

Since Helldivers…

Helldivers 2 takes place a century after the events of the first game, with Super Earth having emerged victorious against its adversaries – the deadly, bug-like Terminids, the grotesque Cyborgs and the inscrutable Illuminates. With its foes vanquished and the Galactic War won, an era of peace and prosperity ensued. The Helldivers, Super Earth’s elite task force, were dismissed.

Super Earth entered its most peaceful and prosperous years.

The same faster-than-light travel technology, heroically liberated from the Illuminates, that gave Super Earth access to the galaxy, has since been used to colonize it. This period has come to be known as The Great Democratization. FTL technology is reliant on a steady supply of the precious substance E-710 which, luckily, can be found in decomposing Terminid bodies. So naturally, Super Earth has been farming Terminids on an industrial scale. 

The success of Super Earth depends on the hard work of citizens.

Why Super Earth needs you

In a shocking turn of events, the Terminids have broken free of their farms and begun spreading throughout the galaxy. The Super Earth Armed Forces have been struggling to quarantine them on their farm planets, but are stretched thin – so when a mysterious new enemy enters the fray, Super Earth has no choice but to mobilize the Helldivers once again. 

The Automatons are fully mechanized soldiers of a kind never seen before. But their emblem is eerily familiar …

It is now up to you, Helldiver, to don your cape and take back Super Earth’s colonies once and for all. You will be fighting these vile, freedom-hating foes on two fronts, as Super Earth works to implement a solution to the Terminid scourge.

Super Earth calls upon the Helldivers once again.

Doing your part

As the Helldivers battle the foes of Super Earth, you will not only change the face of the galaxy, but the course of its history. Super Earth will issue global, time-sensitive Major Orders, challenging all players to work together to achieve large-scale goals, the outcome of which will shape the story going forward. Meaning, the story is not something that happens to players, but something the players themselves have to actively make happen.

What’s unique about the story of Helldivers 2 is that it’s driven by the player community. Planning for that is a huge challenge – we have what we think will happen, but we ultimately can’t control what the players do. Which as a player I find cool, but as a writer I find really scary.

As for the story ahead, all I can say is that the galaxy will look very different a few months from now than it does today.

– Stephen Flowers, Game Writer, Arrowhead Game Studios

Can the Helldivers pull together to defend vital strategic outposts against overwhelming numbers, or complete grand story missions before another faction makes their move? Not only time, but the blood, sweat and mangled bodies of Helldivers will tell.

The continuing war

Super Earth’s struggle for supremacy doesn’t end there—your future as a Helldiver is secure! There’s so much more to come as we expand the game’s content offering. We’re excited to confirm that as players fight in the Galactic War, they will also witness events unfold through our planned free updates. The universe of Helldivers 2 will grow and change to give our players refreshed gameplay, introducing new tools, new challenges, and new threats from around the galaxy.

Helldivers 2 releases on PS5 and PC this Thursday, February 8. Pre-load is available on both platforms today.

PSN account required. Gameplay requires internet access and paid for PlayStation®Plus membership (sold separately) on PS5. PlayStation Plus membership subject to recurring subscription fee taken automatically until cancellation. Age restrictions apply. Full terms: play.st/psplus-usageterms.

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