HoYoverse’s action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PS5

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HoYoverse’s action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PS5

Venture into a post-apocalyptic world for uncharted Hollows and mysteries behind the last shelter for civilization, New Eridu.

Hello, PlayStation Blog readers! I’m Zhenyu Li, the producer of Zenless Zone Zero. I’m excited to share with you the exclusive announcement that Zenless Zone Zero will be coming to PS5. This blog post is your gateway into learning about the game and the adventure it will bring.

HoYoverse’s action-RPG Zenless Zone Zero is coming to PS5

The urban fantasy world

Zenless Zone Zero is a brand-new urban fantasy action-RPG by HoYoverse. In the story, contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as the Hollows. New Eridu, the last urban civilization that survived the apocalypse, managed to thrive by acquiring the technology to extract valuable resources out of the Hollows. However, there are perilous monsters roaming within the Hollows and only a special kind of people who contain resistance to Hollow corruption called Agents are able to go inside. Players in the game will take on the role of a Proxy — a professional who can guide agents in their exploration of Hollows.

A group of four characters stand facing towards the viewer.

The game’s main city, New Eridu, is a living, breathing location with its own lore and mysteries. Hospitality, openness, and freedom are the foundations of the city and where disaster refugees, the displaced, and survivors from other settlements can find a home. From the lore-rich settlers to the culturally diverse neighborhoods, each area in New Eridu has its own story waiting to unfold. Players will encounter characters from various walks of life, ranging from Asha who runs the Arcade God Finger to the welcoming Tin Master at the Coff Café. These interactions are not just passing encounters, they weave into the larger narrative, making decisions and interactions pivotal.

A wide shot of a sunset-drenched city street in New Eridu. Retail shops fill every corner and shoppers are dotted throughout. At the bottom right of frame, closest to the viewer rest two felines. One is intent on the street around them. The other is soundly asleep.

Navigator of the perilous Hollows

Navigating the Hollows is no simple feat. In this post-disaster world where much of humanity has fallen, the mysteries within the Hollows are complex and unpredictable. One area might hold hidden treasures and resources, while the next could be teeming with menacing monsters and formidable bosses. The ever-present corruptive force of the Hollows also poses a serious threat, making the guidance of Proxies crucial.

As a player, you step into the shoes of a Proxy, a unique job capable of navigating the dangerous Hollows. Taking control of Belle or Wise, the innovative Hollow Deep Dive (H.D.D.) system turns your television into the Hollow’s maze, each area holding its own secrets waiting to be uncovered. Beyond the thrill of exploration, it’s crucial to engage with New Eridu’s diverse inhabitants, forging connections that enrich your journey. And during your free time, don’t forget to manage your video store to earn bonuses.

A wide shot of a semi-destroyed freeway. A van can be seen hanging off its frayed edge. Beyond, a huge tower is crumpled sideways, the top half seemingly still intact

The underside of a freeway, our view pointed towards a punctured, torn corner that exposes the city beyond and the blue sky above.

Fighting the enemy creatures

Zenless Zone Zero also distinguishes itself with a dynamic and exhilarating combat system that blends accessibility with depth. The game’s action mechanics are designed to be intuitive, allowing players new to action games to easily grasp the basics, while also offering layers of strategic depth for more experienced gamers. The combat system emphasizes skill dodging, precise timing, and the synergy between characters. You can also discover hidden maneuvers and powerful combos through extensive gameplay.

We can’t wait for you to join us in this extraordinary journey. Zenless Zone Zero will be coming to PS5 this year, thank you for your patience and stay tuned for more updates, we look forward to talking to you again.

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