Dave the Diver splashes onto PS5 and PS4 this April, Godzilla DLC revealed

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Dave the Diver splashes onto PS5 and PS4 this April, Godzilla DLC revealed

Developer Mintrocket details unique PS5 features and upcoming free DLC featuring the King of Monsters.

Are you ready to explore the wonders of the Blue Hole with Dave the Diver? Join Dave, a professional diver, as he catches unique and delicious fish during the day and serves hungry patrons at a seaside sushi restaurant by night. We proudly bring the hit title to a new audience; Dave the Diver is coming to PlayStation this April featuring the enormous King of the Monsters, Godzilla.

Dave the Diver splashes onto PS5 and PS4 this April, Godzilla DLC revealed

Explore the Blue Hole

Dave the Diver is set in a mysterious Blue Hole where the ecology and terrain continue to change. It was created with a unique art style of combining 2D pixels and 3D art to mesmerize you. Explore a beautiful natural wonder filled with different fish species and biomes with Dave.

Dave, clad in a blue wetsuit and sporting bright yellow flippers, mask and breathing apparatus, swims above a rocky cliff underwater. Gliding up the cliffside behind him is a huge, grey-toned, shark-like creature.

Serve up delicious dishes at Bancho Sushi

Bancho Sushi is where all the various customers gather. Once you’ve caught all the fish you can, head over to Bancho Sushi and serve up dishes that will make your customers’ taste buds dance. You might uncover some heartwarming stories of special guests.

A packed sushi bar. Customers sit on either side of its central stand, chowing down on food. Behind the counter, Dave can be spotted prepping a bowl of ramen, L2 + R2 button prompts above his head. The game UI runs horizontally along the top and bottom of the screen. Up top, a clock registers the time of day, while Dave’s current cash take is racked up on a digital register. Along the bottom of the screen, and selectable with taps of L1 and R1 are the following options: Menu, Research, Staff, Ingredients and Interior.

Various side content

Dave the Diver is a game that offers a wide range of activities to keep you engaged. Apart from diving and managing a sushi restaurant, you can take photographs of underwater life, collect unique cards, cultivate a farm, and more. As you progress through the gameplay, new content is unlocked, providing you with new and exciting content to explore.

An example of a minigame shows a seahorse race, as five marine fish gallop towards a finish line while Dave and other characters watch from the sidelines. The UI at the bottom the screen registers your seahorse’s position in the race, as well as button prompts: X to Cheer, up on the left stick to Jump, and down on the same stick to Slide.

Immersive combat with the DualSense controller

On PlayStation 5, you can elevate your diving experience to a whole new level with the DualSense controller. The controller’s haptics offer the realistic feeling of a hooked fish tugging the line. The adaptive triggers respond differently depending on which weapon you’re using, making the combat and fishing experience even more immersive.

An in-game character wields a DualSense controller.

Free Godzilla DLC – King of the Monsters awakens in May

And that’s not all – a free Godzilla DLC will be released in May, introducing even more enormous threats lurking in the depths. Prepare to meet the King of the Monsters in the Blue Hole.

A close up shot of Godzilla, who seemingly stares malevolently towards the viewer. His chest and back spines glow a fiery red.

Dave the Diver is a highly praised game of 2023, by both players and critics alike. If you love diving and sushi, and are willing to take on thrilling underwater adventures with the protagonist, Dave, you won’t want to miss the debut of Dave the Diver on PlayStation.

In the background, Godzilla strides across a watery bay towards a sushi restaurant berthed at the far shore. In the foreground, Dave and Cobra stand aboard their fishing vessel, watching the scene unfold.

Dave the Diver will launch on PS5 and PS4 this April.

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