Become the ultimate vampire In V Rising, coming to PS5 this year

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Become the ultimate vampire In V Rising, coming to PS5 this year

Learn more about Stunlock Studios’ dark gothic survival-infused action-RPG.

At the demand of hordes of hungry vampires, V Rising is coming to PlayStation 5.

This year, players will be able to pick up a DualSense controller and delve head-first into dark gothic fantasy by taking the role of the vampire. Waking up after centuries of slumber, emerge from your coffin and discover a world that has forgotten the fear of your noble and sinister kin. Strike out into the lands of Vardoran, hunt for blood, and absorb its power to gain new abilities. Raise a mighty castle to shield yourself from the deadly sunlight, collect materials, and craft an arsenal of powerful weapons.

Become the ultimate vampire In V Rising, coming to PS5 this year

Become the ruler of the night in V Rising, a solo or co-op vampire experience that combines the best of the survival and action-RPG genres. In the signature survival style, you climb your way from the bottom of the food chain all the way to the top through grit, cleverness, and force of will. In a narrative twist, you don’t start as vulnerable prey in the wilderness, aiming to evolve into a clever hunter. Instead, you take on the role of the weakened predator seeking to reclaim its position as the ultimate force in a dangerous, hostile realm. In a land of humans and monsters that no longer has a place for you, it’s your job to carve it out for yourself.

And how do you do that? Well, you hunt for blood, of course.

In V Rising, keeping your blood levels up isn’t just about survival. It also empowers you. Track the blood of elevated prey and battle them through skill-based action combat. Test your mettle against over 50 fearsome bosses and drink their blood to unlock your powers. Wield your choice of various wicked weapons and dozens of spells to capture your perfect play style. Every hunt brings you closer to your destiny… to become the ultimate vampire.

Tap into other blood types and qualities to give yourself special bonuses that you can use to tailor your strategy in different ways. Drink “warrior blood” to become more durable and deflect hits. Drink “rogue blood” to increase your mobility and adopt hit-and-run tactics. There’s even “utility” blood, tapping into your reserves of “worker blood” to become better at gathering goods to support your castle.

Explore a beautiful open world divided into six diverse regions, each brimming with unique encounters waiting to be discovered. The world that left you behind is not a kind one, filled with vicious beasts, greedy bandits, horrible monsters, and the most terrible enemy of them all… worshippers from the Church of Luminance.

In V Rising, you need to strategically move through the shifting shadows cast by the dynamic sun to avoid getting burned alive. Embrace the comforting cover of darkness as you slip between the tall trees of the Farbane Woods. Cross the fields of the Dunley Farmlands while dodging garlic traps, and for the boldest adventurers, descend into the chilling mist of the Cursed Forest.

The world of Vardoran is waiting for you to experience it from the comfort of your couch for the first time.

Speaking of comfort, what is a world without a home? What is a vampire without their towering abode?

The castle is the foundation of a vampire’s being, their place of power, and a symbol of their dominance. In V Rising, you have to choose your plot wisely because it is from there that you will build your legacy. Create long hallways decorated with drapes and finery, populate them with loyal thralls, and load every room with instruments to construct your palace. Grinders will grind your stone into bricks, and sawmills will cut your logs into planks, all fueled by the blood that pumps through your Castle Heart.

Here, from the center of your power, the castle acts as a magical engine in which you construct every piece of your ascension. Brew potions to heighten your abilities, craft legendary weapons to strike down your foes, and sharp attire to conquer the lands of mankind in style. Place your throne to command your underlings. Lay out coffins for you, your servants, and, of course, your vampire allies. Just in case you missed it! You can play with, and even against, your friends in V Rising.

If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to staying out of the horrible sun and staying inside, living your vampire dreams. See you in the world of Vardoran.

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