(For Southeast Asia) “Like a Dragon 8 ”Now Available!

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(For Southeast Asia) “Like a Dragon 8 ”Now Available!

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is a dramatic RPG that depicts the series’ most compelling tale to date. Two beloved characters take the spotlight as dual protagonists in this adventure—Ichiban Kasuga, a man who rises from rock bottom once again, and Kazuma Kiryu, who faces one final battle as he enters his twilight years.

Experience one-of-a-kind combat with dynamic, fast-paced RPG battles where the battlefield becomes your weapon, and anything goes. With a plethora of new jobs, more in-depth customization, and plenty of ways to develop your characters. Battles have evolved into New Live Command RPG Battles with even more strategic elements. You can create the strongest party by adding new jobs, extensive customization, and training elements.


The year is 2022. Ichiban Kasuga works tirelessly to uphold the legacy of his mentor, Masumi Arakawa. He helps rehabilitate former members of yakuza groups into society at Hello Work.

His comrades who fought alongside him have also returned to their daily lives and are chasing new dreams.

However, when a video slandering Kasuga makes its way onto the web, their lives plummet into free fall. Meanwhile, Ebina, captain of the Seiryu Clan—a yakuza organization with deep roots in Yokohama—introduces Kasuga to a man from his past, Jo Sawashiro. Out of the man’s lips comes a devastating revelation: Akane—Kasuga’s mother and the woman whom Arakawa loved—is alive in Hawaii. With little time remaining, she wishes to see her son one last time.

Sawashiro bows before Kasuga and begs him to honor her wish. Touched by his plea, Ichiban Kasuga sets off on a journey to deliver Arakawa’s ashes.

There, on that small slice of paradise, he encounters the Dragon of Dojima—Kazuma Kiryu…

Kiryu and Kasuga. A pair of souls who bear the mark of the dragon.

Their fateful encounter sets in motion a grand conspiracy that will envelop two distant worlds…

■ Two beloved characters take the spotlight as dual protagonists

Ichiban KasugaPortrayed by Kazuhiro Nakaya)

Hello Work, Contract Worker

There’s still a long road to go, but I’m making headway.”

The first hero of the story, Kasuga carries on Masumi Arakawa’s legacy of rehabilitating former yakuza back into society, intent on not letting anyone fall through the cracks.

Shocked to learn that his mother is alive and well in Hawaii, he goes in search of her. There, on that small slice of paradise, he once again crosses paths with the legendary yakuza—Kazuma Kiryu.

Kazuma KiryuPortrayed by Takaya Kuroda)

Daidoji Faction, Agent

Geez. How far has our hero fallen? Enough to make Masumi Arakawa cry.

The second hero of the story

Once a legend in the yakuza world, Kiryu now lives in secrecy as an agent for the influential Daidoji that operates in both the political and financial circles.On a mission for the faction, he pays a visit to Hawaii where his fate once again intersects with Ichiban Kasuga.

■ Look forward to captivating performances from these talented actors!

Jo SawashiroPortrayed by Shinichi Tsutsumi)

Former Captain of the Arakawa Family, an Omi Alliance Subsidiary

“Ichi, I know I shouldn’t ask this of you but…could you do me a favor?”

He was once a powerful brawler under the command of Masumi Arakawa. Right now, he’s supposed to be serving time for a murder conviction,

but due to certain circumstances, he finds himself reuniting with Ichiban Kasuga, his fated rival.

Yu NanbaPortrayed by Ken Yasuda)

Employee at a Medical Equipment Manufacturer

“So how ’bout another adventure? Huh, Mr. Hero? “

Former homeless in Yokohama and a comrade of Kasuga.

Nanba enjoys a peaceful albeit mundane existence working in an office at a medical equipment manufacturer.

However, like Kasuga, he is oblivious to the sinister hand about to dismantle his idyllic life.

Eiji MitamuraPortrayed by Ryo Narita)

A Young Passenger En Route to Hawaii

“Bon voyage. It means ‘have a nice trip.'”

A young man who forms a bond with Kasuga after they ride the same plane to Hawaii.

His proficiency in programming comes in handy when Kasuga faces a computer dilemma.

Despite his gentle and refined demeanor, he remains composed in critical situations.

Eric TomizawaPortrayed by Satoru Iguchi)

Taxi Driver in Hawaii

“Welcome to Hawaii. Now go have fun.”

A Hawaiian local who drives taxis for a living.

When Kasuga visits Hawaii, he ends up riding in his taxi.

Eric’s fluency in Japanese and his charming, friendly nature instantly strikes up a rapport with Kasuga.

Masataka EbinaPortrayed by Hiroki Hasegawa)

Seiryu Clan, Captain

“Pleased to meet you, Ichiban Kasuga-san. I’ve heard much about you.”

A man who works as the captain of the Seiryu Clan.

Due to the chairman currently being incarcerated, he has become the de-facto leader.

When Kasuga visits the organization’s office, Ebina introduces him to a certain someone.

■ The First International Setting in the Series – Hawaii!

Explore Yokohama’s IsezakiIjincho and the series’ first overseas region, Hawaii!  Encounter new faces, create new bonds, and enjoy minigames in these immense and vibrant environments.

■ The New Live Command RPG Battle System’s Six New Features

The new combat system makes battles more strategic and dynamic than ever before. Exploit the ever-shifting positions of your enemies and the dynamic city surroundings in turn-based combat! 

Look forward to thrilling new battles with unparalleled freedom.

■ Job Change System

A ton of new jobs have been added, allowing you more freedom to customize each character’s fighting style! Try and create your ideal party by experimenting with different job combinations.


Kazuma Kiryu’s Unique Job: Dragon of Dojima

Dragon of Dojima is exclusive to Kazuma Kiryu and boasts tremendous offensive capabilities. It also has the unique feature of allowing him to switch between three battle styles during combat.

Ichiban Kasuga’s Exclusive Job: Hero

A versatile battle style that wields a bat to unleash a variety of offensive techniques.

Additionally, the Hero can heal allies as well as boost their abilities by providing words of encouragement. A befitting job for a hero whose duty is to inspire those in their presence.


This latest installment offers the widest range of minigames in the series, including Dondoko Island, Crazy Delivery, Miss Match, Karaoke and classic SEGA arcade games to enjoy.

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