Tower of Fantasy × Evangelion collaboration details revealed

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Tower of Fantasy × Evangelion collaboration details revealed

First in-depth details on collaboration and upcoming version 3.6 update.

Hi, all the Wanderers, welcome back! I’m Sky, the lead designer at Hotta Studio of Perfect World Games.

Brace yourselves, as Tower of Fantasy is gearing up for a compelling collaboration with the iconic sci-fi anime, Evangelion. The buzz around this collaboration has been incredible, and today, I’m thrilled to share the latest scoop on the collaboration content. Additionally, we’ll delve into previews of the future versions, version 3.6 and version 4.0, and spill the beans on the upcoming PS5 physical copy!

Evangelion Fantasy

First and foremost, we’re overjoyed to be able to collaborate with Evangelion! Many on our team are fans of this timeless anime, and that passion fueled our entire development process.

We will introduce Shinji Ikari, Asuka Shikinami Langley, and Rei Ayanami to the Vera Sector. As the Angels launch a sudden assault, players will join forces with these iconic characters to thwart the crisis. During the collaboration, you can obtain simulacrums of Asuka Shikinami Langley and Rei Ayanami. The inclusion of these beloved characters is bound to inject a fresh dose of vitality into your gaming adventure!

In our quest for authenticity, we recreated the captivating visuals of the original anime. Whether it’s the colossal Angels or the EVA units—EVA-00, EVA-01, and EVA-02—we’ve replicated them on a 1:1 scale. Our aim is for players to truly feel the impact of these giant EVAs when they make their grand entrances in the story. Furthermore, we’ve faithfully reproduced classic scenes from the original anime within the game’s narrative. While the specific details are currently under wraps, we can’t wait for you to experience them firsthand in the game.

We’ve absorbed the enchanting designs from the original Evangelion anime, extracting design elements from the entry plug and seamlessly integrating them as a vehicle into the Tower of Fantasy world. In our expansive open-world, vehicles are essential for exploring, and our new collaborative vehicle promises a one-of-a-kind exploration experience.

Now, onto a familiar face—Pen Pen! This adorable companion will join the adventure as a smart servant to accompany players on their journey.

This collaboration is set to unfold in the first half of 2024. We’re actively fine-tuning the content, with each team member pouring their heart into blending the essence of the original Evangelion anime with our love for Tower of Fantasy. We hope this collaboration will allow you to experience the perfect fusion of Evangelion and Tower of Fantasy, and enjoy the wonderful feeling of forming bonds with these beloved characters.

Preview of future versions

In the upcoming version  3.6 Beyond Horizons set to launch on January 30, the new map Aquaville will be introduced, marking the final piece of Domain 9. Compared to the other three areas in Domain 9, Aquaville exhibits a distinct sci-fi style, offering a completely different atmosphere.

At the core of Aquaville is the Distant Beacon Cabin 8, with industrial and commercial zones constructed along the inner walls of Cabin 8. As you first enter the space capsule, you’ll witness the breathtaking sight of a folded city. Moreover, Cabin 8 features a unique gravity system, with a special road known as the gravity rail connecting various areas scattered across the inner walls. Progressing along the gravity rail will provide you with a thrilling map-running experience of spinning in the air.

In version 3.6, we’re introducing a brand-new Simulacrum character named Plotti. Hailing from the Hykros headquarters, Algorithm Ark, Plotti serves as the rotating Authorizer, a hacker responsible for maintaining Gesthos and monitoring the operation of Omnium reactors across different time and space dimensions. Her every move adheres to protocols and regulations, yet beneath the surface, a rebellious side is hinted at, suggesting a completely different personality. Her weapon EP-7000 Skyfire is a dual-attribute hand cannon with fire and physical properties, set to launch on January 30.

As a game with long-term operation plans, Tower of Fantasy has much more in store for future versions. New companions, new open world, and stories will unfold in version 4.0—stay tuned for the what’s to come!

Physical copy information

Finally, we have some more news to share with you! Tower of Fantasy is set to release a physical copy, including the following in-game items:

For specific release details, please stay tuned for official announcements.

That concludes our sharing this time. Thank you all for your support. We hope you find joy and surprises throughout your Tower of Fantasy adventure.

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