Bulletstorm VR: sci-fi shooter’s PS VR2 features detailed

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Bulletstorm VR: sci-fi shooter’s PS VR2 features detailed

Dual-wielding weapons, unique abilities and two brand-new levels.

Welcome to Stygia! Stroll along the tranquil corridors of this once luxurious resort planet, serenaded by the sweet sounds of explosions and gunfire. Sit back and take in the vivid colors of the sunset – the secret ingredient is gamma radiation! Why not make some new friends? Our friendly cannibal gangs would kill to meet you.

Bulletstorm VR invites you to a blood-soaked and adrenaline-fuelled story with guns, gore, and gruesome enemies. Playing as Grayson Hunt, former elite mercenary and current space pirate, you are marooned on a hell planet and the only way out is through – through a hail of bullets, that is. You and your squad must survive not only the horrors of the planet’s inhabitants but also exact vengeance on the man who put you there – your ex-commander, General Victor Sarrano.

Bulletstorm VR: sci-fi shooter’s PS VR2 features detailed

The secret to any good vacation is packing smart, and your trip to Stygia would be incomplete without a kick-ass arsenal you can wield with your own two hands. Yes, two – give it to your enemies with both hands with Bulletstorm VR’s exclusive and full support for dual-wielding weapons. Like everyone else, you too must have wondered, in moments of quiet reflection, what does it feel like to lasso a bloodthirsty mutant with an energy leash and sling them into a razor sharp cactus? Well, wonder no more! The energy leash in Bulletstorm VR is a dynamic weapon that lets you pull, push, trap, and even explode enemies up close and far away.

A resort getaway is the perfect place to explore a different side of yourself. Who are you when you’re not a space pirate, grinding away at your day job, shooting up skull-faced goons? Maybe you’re a baddie with an attitude and brand new energy blades. Bulletstorm VR lets you play two brand new levels as Trishka Novak and dual-wield energy blade weapons as sharp as her tongue.

Of course, you always need familiar favorites on holiday, just in case you start feeling homesick. And what’s more familiar than the comforting heft of a good old-fashioned gun? Nothing quite like a rifle with a 100-round magazine to help you lie back in peace (and your enemies in pieces). We have rocket-launching revolvers, multitasking high-speed drill blasters, and bazookas with exploding footballs. Or, how about a four-barrelled shotgun? After all, if you can’t go a little overboard on holiday, when can you?

Sounds like a dream vacation? With the PS VR2, dreams become a virtual reality – or as real as cutting-edge haptics and visuals allow. A 110-degree field of vision lets you take in Bulletstorm’s next-generation visuals – and keep an eye on enemies and traps. The 2000 x 2040 resolution rate per eye brings the grit of Stygia’s badlands and terrordomes to life while the six-axis motion sensing system lets you embody Grayson Hunt as he shoots, punches, kicks, and drinks his way through the planet’s underbelly.

With the PS VR2 Sense controllers, each action immerses you deeper into the world of Bulletstorm. Explosions reverberate not only in your ears but also in your hands. Each weapon in your arsenal feels different in your hands – letting you instinctively know when to reload and how to adjust your aim.

So join us this January 18 for the trip of your dreams – and your enemies’ nightmares. See you in Stygia, boners!

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