Smite 2 is coming to PlayStation 5

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Smite 2 is coming to PlayStation 5

First look at the godly MOBA’s upcoming Unreal 5-powered sequel plus info on open Alpha testing registration.

More than 40 million players have already become gods and waged war in Smite. 

Now, it’s time for the next generation of godly action multplayer online battle arena (MOBA): Smite 2 is coming to PlayStation 5, and you can register for Alpha testing today.

Smite 2 is coming to PlayStation 5

Smite 2 is the Unreal Engine 5-powered true sequel to the original hit, Smite. It has everything that makes Smite impressive: a large roster of playable gods from all the world’s mythologies, the depth of strategy you can only find in a MOBA, and the action-packed third-person combat that you can only find in Smite.

But Smite 2 takes the action MOBA to the next level with more godlike impact, strategy, and player creativity than ever before. Read on to learn exactly how Smite 2 is changing the MOBA game.

Action combat meets MOBA strategy

Smite 2 starts with action third-person combat that feels a bit like your favorite hero shooter, then layers on the deep strategy and rewarding challenge of MOBA gameplay.

MOBAs are a 5v5 team battle where the game isn’t lost until the Titan at the heart of your base is slain. As you battle towards the enemy’s Titan, the map’s three lanes of minions, jungle monsters, and powerful towers will look to slow your progress. You’ll earn XP and gold for defeating these obstacles to become more powerful in that match, unlocking new abilities and items.

The original Smite revolutionized the MOBA genre by putting players into the heat of the action, moving to third-person combat. That change of perspective brought action-adventure style combat to life, as gods from across mythology fight on a massive battlefield.

With Smite 2, the team at Titan Forge Games wanted to further evolve Smite in several ways:

  • Players will now feel the impact of combat through tweaks to camera movements and ability animations
  • Each ability has been rebuilt with stunning visual FX, whether basic attacks or mind-blowing ultimates
  • A huge modernization of both the tech and look of the UI to improve combat readability
  • Updated character animations allow for more natural-appearing body movements, without impacting the snappiness of combat
  • The addition of haptic feedback for the DualSense controller to further enhance the feeling of immersion

The addition of haptic feedback for the DualSense controller to further enhance the feeling of immersion

More rewarding strategy and player creativity

Smite 2 is about more than just pretty visuals.

We’ve opened the doors for more player creativity across every god in Smite 2 by completely changing the item shop. Gods are no longer limited by being strictly physical or magical; anyone can purchase items with Strength or Intelligence to customize their playstyle. Now more gods can be played in more ways. 

Those items have a new function now too: Active Abilities formerly known as Relics will be moving to items, and now any Item can have an Active Ability. So if you want to Blink in Smite 2, buy a Blinking Amulet.

If you don’t want to worry about all of this and just want to focus on fighting, don’t worry! Just make a simple choice of playstyle and our auto-builder will take care of building for you. You can actually end up with fewer buttons to worry about than in Smite, if you choose. It’s all about letting you play the way you want to play.

When you’re playing the Conquest map, you’ll find tons of new strategic twists. A new interact button lets you fight for control of map objectives, like opening a backdoor to sneak up on foes. Killing jungle objectives grants your team special powers that make end-game Smite more interesting. And there’s so much more, like new stealth grass, siege minion waves, and an evolving jungle.

Honoring players’ legacy in Smite

Development on Smite 2 started with a few core goals. But the most important of all was: respect the time, accomplishments, and money players have put into Smite.

PlayStation gamers have spent more than 45,000 person-years playing Smite. We knew we needed to make a true sequel to Smite to bring the game into the PlayStation 5 era, but we had to do so in a way that respected our players.

Every gem that you have spent in Smite, including free gems, will also be waiting for you in Smite 2. Those Legacy Gems can be used in Smite 2 to pay for up to 50% of most new purchases – things like skins, battle passes, and events.

You’ll also have more waiting for you in Smite 2 through the Divine Legacy system, launching in Smite 1 on January 23. This system analyzes your accomplishments and grants rewards like new, Unreal 5 versions of classic Smite skins – all free. If you’re a longtime Smite player, you’ll have most of this unlocked on day one. If you’re new, don’t worry; you can still unlock all Divine Legacy rewards and a free unlimited Tier 5 skin of your choosing in Smite.

Your Smite 1 achievements will also be recognized in Smite 2, through a series of badges. You’ll be able to show off your hard-earned God Mastery level and Stars!

Lastly, as Smite 2 is a true sequel, Smite isn’t going anywhere. Players will be able to continue to enjoy playing Smite on PlayStation 4, or choose to explore the new horizons of Smite 2 on PlayStation 5.

Alpha starts soon

If you’re as excited for SMITE 2 as we are, visit right now to register for Alpha playtests, which will start later this year. We can’t wait to build Smite 2 alongside our community during this testing phase, taking your feedback to guide development.

This is just the first step on a new chapter of Smite history. We have so much more information to share about Smite 2 over the coming months, so be sure to wishlist Smite 2 on PS5 today!

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