Among Us VR launches on PlayStation VR2 today

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Among Us VR launches on PlayStation VR2 today

The bean party has begun.

Out of the vents, into the shadows, and… surprise! We’re here. Just like a clever Impostor, we’ve been waiting for the right time to strike. 

That’s right — Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy are excited to announce that Among Us VR is now available on PlayStation VR2.

Among Us VR launches on PlayStation VR2 today

Among Us VR invites you to experience the social deduction shenanigans of Innersloth’s global phenomenon, Among Us, from a whole new perspective. In games of four to ten players taking place across two maps, The Skeld II and Polus Point,  you’ll work to complete individual tasks alongside your fellow Crewmates.

Or are they your fellow Crewmates? One or more random players are Impostors set on foiling your efforts and killing everyone. There’s always a chance you could be an Impostor yourself. Do you think you can sabotage everyone’s efforts without giving yourself away? Your secret is safe with us.

No matter what side you find yourself on, all the core hallmarks of the original Among Us, including tasks, sabotage, venting, emergency meetings,  are all here.

No day of completing tasks (or killing Crewmates) is complete without looking your very best, of course, and Among Us VR features a variety of hats to help you showcase your inner Bean-sona. 

Cute, cool, classic, and eclectic, with dozens of options to choose from, there’s a perfect hat for you to rock in your wardrobe. And, just in case there isn’t? Additional Hat Pack DLC bundles are available so you can dress your Bean up with classic styles from the original game or brand-new VR-exclusive attire.

While Among Us VR retains the core mechanics of the original game you know and love, you can also expect a bevy of features built for the VR experience, including proximity voice chat, accessibility, comfort settings, crossplay compatibility with other VR headsets, and more. So grab your crew, put on your favorite hat, and avoid electrical, and we’ll see you at the next emergency meeting.

Among Us VR is available on PS VR2.

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