Honkai: Star Rail version 1.4 brings the space-fantasy RPG to PS5 on Oct 10

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Honkai: Star Rail version 1.4 brings the space-fantasy RPG to PS5 on Oct 10

Hoyoverse dev details new playable characters, locations, and gives a few tips to aid you on your intergalactic odyssey.

Hi Trailblazers! We’re delighted to announce that our latest space-fantasy RPG, Honkai: Star Rail, will be available for free on PlayStation 5. Board the Astral Express to explore an exquisite and beautiful universe alongside a cast of distinctive characters on this epic interstellar adventure!

Begin your cosmic journey on PS5

We believe PS5 is an ideal platform for Honkai: Star Rail, as it offers players the chance to experience stunning native 4K resolution gameplay and immerse themselves in the intricate details of this interstellar journey. With the advanced technical capabilities of the PS5, such as impressive SSD performance, our team was able to fully optimize the gameplay and graphics to deliver an exceptional experience.

Where everything gets started — Herta Space Station

Your journey in Honkai: Star Rail begins at the Herta Space Station, a futuristic space station brimming with advanced technology. This place is owned by Madam Herta of the Genius Society and was established initially to collect unique items known as Curios. Over time, it evolved into a scientific research center managed by Herta’s followers. While here you encounter Kafka, an elegant Stellaron Hunter who will infuse a Stellaron into you, under the cover of chaos caused by the Antimatter Legion.

Lonely planet caged by the Eternal Freeze — Jarilo-VI

As you embark on the intergalactic journey, you and the crew will make your way to Jarilo-VI, a snow-covered planet with secrets and dangers lurking beneath its icy surface. The Eternal Freeze has sabotaged almost all life on this planet, but amidst this unforgiving environment, the last stronghold of humanity, the city of Belobog, stands firm against the icy grip. The city is split into two halves: the Overworld and the Underworld. The Overworld bustles with life and peace, with heaters on the streets to stave off the cold. On the other side, the Underworld is a desolate wasteland marked by scattered ruins. While traversing Jarilo-VI, you might meet folks with unique personalities who could become your companions. Meanwhile, please pay attention and try to solve the conflict between the Overworld and the Underworld, and drill down to the core issue of this post-apocalyptic world.

Thriving commercial center of a multiracial population — Xianzhou Luofu

Once you leave Belobog, you will come across the Luofu – one of the flagship vessels in the galactic fleet of the Xianzhou Alliance. This silkpunk vessel is home to three major long-lived species: Vidyadhara, Foxians, and Xianzhou natives. The collective wisdom and cooperation of the three species guarantee the Alliance’s security. However, the development and dispute of the Luofu, hidden under the flourishing business, are focusing on the topic of immortality, which leads to a vast Sterllaron crisis upon your arrival.

The new version arrives — Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream

The latest version of Honkai: Star Rail, titled Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream, will be available! This update introduces new locations, such as the Old Weapons Testing Ground and Pillars of Creation, as well as a thrilling video game called Aetherium Wars and the Planar Infinity event within the popular Simulated Universe.

Once you successfully resolve the Ambrosial Arbor crisis on the Xianzhou Luofu, you will meet Topaz back in Jarilo-VI. Topaz is a promising member of the Strategic Investment Department at Interastral Peace Corporation (IPC), traveling to Jarilo-VI to handle intergalactic business matters. Your Astral Express Crew will also be present, and together, you will help to deal with some critical issues between the frozen plant and IPC.

Also, you’re welcome to join the Aetherium Wars, a highly regarded video game. You’ll need to use Aether Spirits, digital replicas of creatures, to develop and train your own fighting companions in the game. To secure a spot in the Jarilo-VI Tournament of Aetherium Wars, you must collect and nurture Aether Spirits within Victory Zones in various areas. As you progress through the game, more powerful Overlord Aether Spirits will be obtained, which can be developed to enhance your team’s combat abilities. The deeper you delve into the competition, the fiercer the fights become!

More glamorous buddies available for your team

Your team will have access to three new playable characters in version 1.4: Jingliu, Guinaifen, and Topaz & Numby. Additionally, our old friend Seele will be recruitable again!

Jingliu is a legendary Xianzhou figure, once the strongest sword master on the Luofu as part of the High-Cloud Quintet. She was taken by the Ten-Lords before Mara struck and was subsequently imprisoned in The Shackling Prison. Later, her apprentice Jing Yuan confronted her, but what happened after that and why she returned to Luofu is still a mystery. In battle, Jingliu is an Ice-Type character who follows the Path of Destruction and can switch between two states. Whether in her everyday state as the ice beauty Jingliu or her red-eyed spectral transmigrator state, Jingliu is a formidable force to be reckoned with on the battlefield!

You will also meet Topaz, a shining star in the IPC, and her trusted sidekick, Numby, a Warp Trotter. Numby’s keen nose helps with security checks, debt settlements, and calculations to keep the IPC running smoothly. Together, they travel through the cosmos to resolve any debt disputes that could threaten the IPC’s operations. Topaz & Numby are Fire-Type characters following the Path of The Hunt, whose collective wisdom can now be utilized by the Astral Express for exploration. You can witness and benefit from Topaz & Numby’s unique effects and damages during their enjoyable interactions.

Another new character, Guinaifen–who also shines on the stage–is a skilled street performer with talents like livestreaming and Kuaiban. Despite not being a local, she has a deep appreciation for the rich and diverse culture of Xianzhou. Guinaifen belongs to the Fire-Type and follows the Path of Nihility. In battle, she relies on her expertise in using firecrackers, which have been used by locals for centuries to ward off frightening creatures, according to ancient Xianzhou folklore. It seems that her commitment to honoring local traditions has earned her community support.

May this journey lead us starward

Of course, the story of Honkai: Star Rail has just begun. New content will be provided through in-game updates with brand-new gameplay experiences. We warmly welcome gamers worldwide to join us in this captivating space-fantasy adventure on PS5, and be the protagonist of this stellar adventure with more on the way!

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