Fallout 76’s Atlantic City update: Factions, locations detailed–out December 5 on PS5 and PS4

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Fallout 76’s Atlantic City update: Factions, locations detailed–out December 5 on PS5 and PS4

New screens and gameplay clips revealed – showcasing mobster families, tenacious entertainment, and an ever-growing threat.

A brand-new location will soon be unveiled in Fallout 76’s upcoming Atlantic City update. Prepare to travel to a never-before-seen part of Fallout’s post-nuclear world on December 5 as players step onto the boardwalks of New Jersey.

Journey to an all-new Fallout location 

Fallout 76’s Expeditions allow players to explore outside the borders of Appalachia, first introduced with the remnants of Pre-War Pittsburgh last year. “We started with The Pitt, which is a classic, fan-favorite location,” says Joshua Moretto,lead quest designer. “When we looked to our next location, we wanted someplace that would feel as different from The Pitt as The Pitt did from Appalachia.”

Place your bets as you visit the somewhat-dingy Casino in a new Expedition mission.

A coastal gambling town is quite a change of scenery from the smog-covered spires of The Pitt, with Expeditions to Atlantic City giving Fallout fans a peek at a new part of the post-nuclear world. “As a native New Jerseyan, I’d been hoping for a long time that we’d get a chance to introduce my home state to the world of Fallout,” says Moretto. “Atlantic City was the perfect opportunity for this.”

Atlantic City’s bustling nightlife and other advancements and amenities (including electricity and running water) may come as a shock to many fresh-faced Vault Dwellers hailing from the wilds of West Virginia. The town was relatively lucky–heavy emphasis on relatively back during The Great War, making it an unlikely haven of post-nuclear reconstruction. “No place was untouched by the war, but Atlantic City weathered better than most,” says Moretto. “It was a tourist destination with no real military or strategic value, so it wasn’t a direct target when the bombs fell.”

Empires on the boardwalk 

Meet the Municipal Government (Munis) who keep the lights on in Atlantic City.

However, such prosperity comes at a price. The balance of power in Atlantic City is precariously checked by three major factions, often scheming to get the leg up on each other. “The Municipal Government keeps the lights, water and food running in Atlantic City,” explains Moretto. “Then we have the organized crime rackets of The Family, and we also have a chaotic guild of entertainers known as The Showmen. Each of them controls something vital to the continued functioning of Atlantic City.”

The “somewhat shady” Family who runs the Casino.

Despite cooperation being essential to Atlantic City, relations are strained between the separate factions. The city relies on the Municipal Government’s infrastructure, but also the income from The Family’s supply of vices and The Showmen’s attractions–the latter ranging anywhere from pedestrian magic tricks to more thrilling (read: deadlier) fare.

The Showmen entertainers run the deadliest game show in town.

“Each of our three Expeditions invites you to work closely with one of the three factions and help them achieve their primary goals,” says Ellys Tan, senior quest designer, explaining that players will also get to experience Atlantic City across two content releases. “The first release features two Expeditions and the second release includes one more Expedition, as well as a variety of quests you can do in Atlantic City.”

There is something in the pines  

Your first introduction to Atlantic City is the once-glittering Boardwalk.

Internal squabbles aside, a greater threat exists. Bordered on one side by the ocean itself, Atlantic City is now becoming cut off as the dense forests of the New Jersey Pine Barrens grow out of control across the region.

“In the aftermath of the Great War, the barrens have retaken territory and started to encroach upon the city’s borders,” Moretto explains. “Coming from deep within the heart of the Pine Barrens are strange (and previously unknown) mutated creatures…”

Whoa, that’s enough news for now! Whether you’re anxious to visit a new part of the Fallout universe, make your allegiances with Atlantic City’s lively factions or simply roll the dice and see what happens, be sure to check out the Atlantic City update–arriving free for Fallout 76 players December 5. Jump into Fallout 76 and secure your lot in post-nuclear Appalachia today on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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