New Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora trailer reveals details about the hero’s journey

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New Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora trailer reveals details about the hero’s journey

Play as a Na’vi in a brand-new story within the Avatar universe.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is coming to PlayStation 5 on December 7, offering fans the chance to play as a Na’vi and fight against the Resources Development Administration (RDA) to protect the beautiful moon of Pandora. PlayStation players will receive the Aranahe Warrior Pack for free, which grants them character and weapon cosmetic sets. In a new trailer focusing on the game’s story, you can learn more about the hero’s journey as a child of two worlds who seeks to reconnect with their lost heritage.

New Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora trailer reveals details about the hero’s journey

Return of the Sarentu

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you play as a Na’vi, who as an infant was abducted by the RDA to be part of The Ambassador Program (TAP) and trained in human ways. You’ve been kept away from your home world of Pandora, and from your people. You are one of the remaining members of the respected Sarentu clan, thought to have disappeared years ago.

During the Battle of the Hallelujah Mountains featured in the first Avatar movie, you were put into emergency cryosleep as the RDA evacuated Pandora. 15 years later, you wake up and step onto Pandora, as a stranger in your birthplace.

Clans and companions

To help you reconnect with Pandora and learn the ways of the Na’vi, you will meet other Na’vi clans as you explore the Western Frontier. You’ll encounter the Aranahe, a clan of weavers who value tradition; the Zeswa, a clan of nomads who are ready for a fight with the RDA; and the Kame’tire, a clan of enigmatic and reclusive healers.

These Na’vi will also teach you to make a bond with your own companion banshee, or ikran. And once you do, there are many ways you can explore and defend Pandora together; you can even leap off a cliff and call for your ikran and explore Pandora from the skies. You’ll also learn to ride like a Na’vi on a direhorse. 

Protecting Pandora

The RDA has returned to Pandora, more dangerous than ever, and once again threatens the flourishing ecosystems and its clans. You are determined to stop the RDA from destroying your home world. Fight them with both Na’vi and RDA weapons. Use your incredible strength and agility, craft new gear, and upgrade your skills and weapons as you heal and protect Pandora.

Prepare to become Na’vi and fight for Pandora in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, coming to PS5 on December 7. You can also pre-order the game at PlayStation Store, which has multiple editions:

The Collector’s Edition includes the ultimate edition of the game and physical items including a statue (35cm), an artbook, a premium SteelBook, a field notebook, a set of three lithographs, and an AMP suit blueprint.

The Gold Edition includes the game and Season Pass including two DLCs, an extra quest, a unique banshee, and more.

The Ultimate Edition includes the game, Season Pass (including two DLCs, an extra quest, a unique banshee, and more), Ultimate Pack, and digital art book.

Upon pre-ordering, you will receive a “Child of Two Worlds” pre-order bonus with a character cosmetic set and a weapon skin.


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