Spell crafting combinations in Wizard with a Gun

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Spell crafting combinations in Wizard with a Gun

Tips on powerful bullet combinations to help you wield arcane ammunition in the Shatter.

Howdy! We’re Galvanic Games and we’re making Wizard With A Gun! Today we’ve been granted the opportunity to give PlayStation players a little peek under the curtain and learn more about a key component of the game: ammo crafting!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar, Wizard With A Gun is an online cooperative sandbox survival game set in a magical wilderness known as The Shatter – the crumbling remnants of a world destroyed by Chaos, wrought with dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries.

You play as a resourceful wizard known as a Gunmancer. As a wandering spell-slinger your job is to repair the Chronomancer’s Wheel – a godmachine with the power to rewind time. To do so, you must seek out and confront four more Gunmancers trapped in the remains of The Shatter, each of whom carry key Gears that will allow the Chronomancer’s Wheel to turn once more.

There’s just one problem: these wizards carry guns.

To combat that challenge, you must use your insight and creativity to carefully design magical firearms and ammunition that will aid you on your journey. Every reagent you find, harvest, or scavenge can be used to build spell bullets, and each spell can be paired with additional magical powders, or additional bullet chambers. These additional elements add their own properties to the bullet’s behavior, allowing you to craft complex and powerful spells to use against your adversaries.  

We’ve compiled a list of powerful combinations and recipes to explore when Wizard With A Gun blasts onto PS5 on October 17! 

Water and Electricity: When you need to take care of multiple moving targets, experienced wizards should reach for a combination of water and arcing electricity spell bullets. Packing these bullets into a Trusty Machine Wand with two chambers allows for a quickfire set of damaging spells. For extra effectiveness, reach for a ‘Homing on Wet’ powder and ‘Electrical Arc Length’ powder and apply them to your Shocking bullet for hair-raising results!

Oil and Fire: For the arcane alchemist, a little fire goes a long way to providing consistent damage over a large area. Crafting a Rugged Wanderbuss with Oil and Burning spell bullets will provide any pragmatic pyromaniac with enough firepower to overcome any obstacle they encounter. Masterclass Magi can also introduce ‘Napalm’ powder and ‘Dripping Oil’ powders to their bullets for extra spread of the burn!

Freeze and Force: The coolest sorcerers seek the deep knowledge of the ancient cold to tackle powerful foes that might stand in their way. A long range Trusty Carbine can be outfitted with Freeze and Force spell bullets, which serve as a powerful combination. Freeze spells will stop enemies by containing them in a solid block of ice, and when combined with Force the ice shatters in a chilling display of concentrated damage. Expert wizards can increase this effectiveness with ‘Ice Drill’, ‘Longer Freeze’, and ‘Shattering Force’ powders.

We can’t wait for you all to experience Wizard with a Gun when it launches for PS5  on October 17, we hope you enjoy playing with friends and have as much fun as we have making it! Pre-order it now and you’ll even receive the Gunmancer Pack with exclusive costume recipes, so what are you waiting for?!

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