Eternights’ Infected Hacker boss battle–full combat gameplay revealed

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Eternights’ Infected Hacker boss battle–full combat gameplay revealed

How to beat the thrilling Act 2 boss of the upcoming dating action game.

Hi Eternights fans! Jae here, creator of Eternights. I’m hyped to show you a deep dive into the gameplay of one of my favorite bosses… The Infected Hacker. Spoilers ahead.

For some context, The Infected Hacker is a monster that has hacked Yuna’s social media (our popstar companion) and used it to lure thousands of her fans by promising safety and shelter. As a sick form of trophy, the hacker asked Yuna’s fans to bring their Yuna plushies with them, resulting in mountains of her blood-stained merch, each one of them representing a fan killed by his hand. When Yuna is faced with all of this, she isn’t even given time to grieve or process, before the monster that killed her fans approaches her with a sword made out of different body parts – eager to add another hand or two.

I designed this boss around the theme wrath, which I think you can tell by his furious attack patterns. The key to Eternights combat is timing – you need to dodge at just the right moment, right before an attack, to get a perfect dodge and slow down time, which allows you to get more attacks in against the boss. Not only that, but doing this also charges up your elemental gauge that when filled allows you to do a powerful elemental fist attack.

Completing a combo doesn’t just feel super satisfying, it also allows you to press R1 to inflict extra damage on enemies. Once you complete a combo, if you manage to keep on attacking without getting hit, you can end up fully charging your death blow meter, which is a sword skill that allows you to deal a devastating amount of damage to your enemies. Another favorite sword skill of mine is the Stinger, which is an attack that allows you to quickly close the distance between you and your target. Very useful when your target moves around a lot. 

To get a bit deeper into elemental attacks, you unlock and upgrade them by forging a closer bond with Yuna. The higher level you have, the more layers of shield you can destroy in one go. Now Yuna, specifically, has the fire elemental ability that can be used to destroy ice barriers, which this boss has three layers of. So it pays off to be close to your companions.

Yuna’s elemental fire isn’t the only trick up her sleeve. Every confidant has a set of confidant skills you can unlock, upgrade and use in combat. Yuna’s skill here is the ability to create a temporary pool of healing that you can stand in–in order to replenish your health. Of course, if you can avoid enemy attacks in the process. These confidant skills can only be upgraded by collecting or earning a specific collectable called White Essence. So make sure to be on the lookout. 

Now, you’ll need as much healing as you can get, The Infected Hacker is a tough opponent. He attacks from all directions as well as has an arsenal of different area of effect attacks ready to deal damage to you. Not only that, halfway through the battle, he unlocks his sword’s true form while also throwing out moves you’ve never seen before. 

It’s a tough fight, but if you use all of the skills I’ve given you, I know you’ll be able to beat it. But what’s this? After the battle there is a mysterious little girl? What’s that about? Well, you’ll have to play the game to find out!Eternights is releasing September 12 on PS5 and PS4. Pre-order is available now with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members.

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