No Man’s Sky celebrates its 7th Anniversary with its largest update of the year: Echoes

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No Man’s Sky celebrates its 7th Anniversary with its largest update of the year: Echoes

A new robotic race breathes new life into the universe and overhauled space combat epic freighter on freighter battles.

Hello–It’s unbelievable to me that it has been seven years since No Man’s Sky was released, and to celebrate today we are releasing our largest update of the year – No Man’s Sky Echoes.

Our aim with Echoes is to breathe new life into the universe, with a new robotic race, our first race introduced since launch in 2016. We have also overhauled space combat with a focus on creating truly epic space battles, introducing freighter to freighter battles for the first time.

No Man’s Sky celebrates its 7th Anniversary with its largest update of the year: Echoes

New robot race

In Echoes, travelers will discover a never-before-seen, long-hidden race of robots with rich new story content–engaging in robot assignments and rituals to earn a huge array of mechanical parts to create their own robotic avatar.

New pirate freighters bring huge space battles to the universe. Defend fleets from pirates. Fly through enemy trenches to sabotage their shields, and destroy them!

Players can search out and assemble their own sci-fi ceremonial staff. Level these up with unique technology to mine and battle your way through the universe.

Travelers can now search for, trade, and scrap weapons, allowing players to become Multi-tool scrap merchants. Travelers can also choose from a wider array of weapons and tools, including the staff and a new powerful Atlas weapon.

Chronicle your journey

This year we introduced the ability to store a catalog of player’s most wondrous discoveries. A new holographic museum allows you to decorate and display your favorite weird and wonderful discoveries in your base for others to visit and see.

The Voyagers expedition starts soon for the adventurers who seek to explore the universe and catalog its marvels. Together with a Twitch Drops campaign this brings a host of new content and rewards for players.

Improved quality dynamics on PS VR2

Rendering quality, stability and performance has improved across the board in this update. In particular, for PS VR2 players, foveated rendering brings a large quality improvement throughout the game. Whether you’re standing on a vista overlooking a planetary landscape, or marveling at the beauty and expanse of the solar system, the virtual universe has never looked better.

These are just a few of the things that PlayStation players can look forward to when diving into the Echoes update today.

It has already been a pretty busy year for the small No Man’s Sky team with the launch of the Fractal and Interceptor updates, along with the major Singularity expedition. Fittingly Echoes marks our 7th anniversary by making our universe more exciting, dangerous and interesting to explore. No Man’s Sky Echoes is out now on PS5, PS4, PS VR2, and PS VR.

Our journey continues.

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