First-person horror Madison is coming to PS VR2, gameplay revealed

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First-person horror Madison is coming to PS VR2, gameplay revealed

The psychological horror game comes to PS VR2 this fall.

Last July Madison was released on PS4 and PS5, both digital and physical. One year later, we’re excited to share new details on Madison VR gameplay. Let’s take a look at the horrors that await you when it launches on PlayStation VR2 this Halloween season.

Madison VR plunges you deeper into its immersive and terrifying world. With the utilization of an instant camera in your virtual hands you can bridge the gap between our world and the unknown. Snap photos, develop them by yourself to solve puzzles, explore the shadows and above all, survive.


Since launch, we’ve been working on visual enhancements that will immerse you even deeper into the horrors of Madison, fully in VR this time around. 

From lighting, textures to 3D objects and much more, everything has been meticulously polished to elevate the game’s immersion and graphical fidelity. The result is a truly terrifying and nerve-wracking experience.


Taking full advantage of the PS VR2 technology you will feel new levels of intense immersion. Thanks to PS VR2 OLED displays and the eye-tracking feature your eyes will keep you engaged. 3D Audio helps your ears distinguish the position of what’s breathing down your neck. Your hands… will appear to be Luca’s hands, our main character. PS VR2 Sense controller haptics and adaptive triggers sell an immersive and tactical horror experience.

Interactive environments

One of the most significant changes in Madison VR include new opportunities to interact with the environment and inspect even the smallest detail. You will be able to pick up and interact with all kinds of objects with your own hands. Just be careful what you pick up…

Instant camera & photos

Incorporating VR technology was always in mind since the first conception of Madison, back in 2016. The main mechanic – taking a photograph and being able to develop it with one’s own hands by shaking the instant photo – was envisioned to be transferred to the VR plane from the very beginning, and today we have achieved that.

In Madison, the instant camera plays a fundamental role as it has the ability to connect the world of the living with the beyond, and it will accompany you throughout the whole story. With it, you’ll be able to solve puzzles, expose hidden secrets of the spine-chilling environments, cast light into the darkest corners, and leverage it as a lifeline in your fight for survival.

This time, brace yourself to take control of the camera with your own hands, aim, and boldly say “cheese!” to your worst nightmares.

Every time you take a photograph in the game, the camera will eject the print from its front. You’ll need to grab the photo with your other hand, and shake it to develop it quickly and see its content. Not all photographs will show something out of the ordinary; some will reveal disturbing information you are unable to see with your naked eye, while others… will burn in your own hands.

Check out a new look at Madison VR gameplay below:

First-person horror Madison is coming to PS VR2, gameplay revealed

Madison VR will be available for purchase both physical and digital for the PS VR2 this Halloween season. Hope you enjoyed this update and don’t forget to stay tuned! We have a few more surprises and reveals coming before launch.

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