Everspace 2’s immersive features allow captivating interstellar travel – out Aug 15

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Everspace 2’s immersive features allow captivating interstellar travel – out Aug 15

Full details on the DualSense controller features of the upcoming flight-based action RPG.

In Everspace 2, take to the stars through a sprawling sci-fi adventure story that spans multiple star systems. In the role of Adam, a former military clone pilot trying to find his place in a dangerous universe, you’ll be able to explore more than 100 handcrafted locations while piloting one of nine different ship types/classes. The universe is a colorful delight, filled with Outlaw bases, spacefaring alien life, ancient structures, ruined starbases, and many exciting secrets to discover. 

As a space-based flight-action RPG, gameplay is everything. This is especially true in a game with a sizable main campaign and many side areas to explore as players can spend more than a hundred hours ferreting out every secret. Nailing the feeling of spaceflight is something the team has been laser focused on over the last six years of development—it’s vital that flight feels right whether pilots are navigating tight spaces in derelict space stations, weaving between asteroids while dodging blasts from Outlaw ships, or flying through live mining equipment on the surface of a developing planet.

While we developed Everspace 2 for console, one of the core concepts kept in mind is that hands speak to the brain—the tactile sensations of game feedback can translate directly into player immersion. When players are thrust into fast-paced dogfighting combat against outlaw ships, drones, and alien patrols, they need to feel like their ship is an incredibly responsive extension of themselves to survive.

By using the haptic feedback, dynamic adaptive triggers, and speaker features of the DualSense wireless controller, our designers give PlayStation players unique ways to become even more immersed in moment-to-moment combat than on any other platform.

Designing with DualSense controller features in mind, we want Everspace 2 to communicate as much as possible to the player. Through haptics and speaker feedback players get an immediate response when activating devices and consumables, speaker notifications when cycling primary and secondary weapons, and can react to warnings of incoming missiles and other threats.

Nothing in a space dogfight is more dangerous than running out of energy—that moment where you’ve brought an enemy into your sights, pulled the trigger, and found you’ve run dry can quickly turn for the worse. When using a DualSense controller, players receive reports on weapon and boost depletion as force feedback on the triggers and a depletion sound is being played through the controller speakers. Vital information, especially when going in for a kill during a frantic firefight.

An all-important split second can make the difference between a sniper drone’s rail gun shot ripping by and that same shot tearing through your hull. Using the adaptive trigger-based boosting which allows players to change from regular speed to boosted based on the depth of trigger pull, you have even finer control over those split-second velocity adjustments. There’s quite nothing like making a quick dodge maneuver by boosting forward and closing into range where your autocannons can turn the enemy into a short-lived ball of flame and scrap. 

Pilots in Everspace 2 have nine different ship types that can be purchased from ship dealers in-game, each with their own play style and ultimate ability. Players who love highly maneuverable ships will love the Interceptor while those who want to be able shrug off missile hits while unleashing massive firepower will enjoy the Gunship. From sweeping lightning attacks to massively destructive blasts, each ship’s ultimate is made even more satisfying through feedback and trigger sounds through the DualSense controller speaker.

PlayStation 5 space fans can play Everspace 2 in 60 fps when the game launches August 15! With companions to meet, many locations to explore, and customization options to unlock, there’s plenty to see and do over the course of the 30 hour story campaign. 

See you in the stars, pilots!

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