New Lords of the Fallen gameplay details highlight fluid soulsike combat and seamless co-op – out Oct 13

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New Lords of the Fallen gameplay details highlight fluid soulsike combat and seamless co-op – out Oct 13

Full details on the expanded universe of the dark fantasy action-RPG.

Today we’re excited to share new details on Lords of the Fallen gameplay. The new info includes visiting Mournstead for the first time, from the harrowing Defiled Sepulchre to the towering heights of Pilgrim’s Perch. Let’s explore the atrocities that plague these lands and await players when it launches on PS5 October 13.

Before taking first steps into the world of Lords of the Fallen, everyone must complete one crucial task, the creation of their first character using our extensive character creator. Players forge their characters in either their own image or what’s lingering in their mind’s eye, ranging from a small and nimble Exiled Stalker to a large bearded Udirangr Warwolf; you are only limited by your imagination. After finally creating your character players are summoned to the Defiled Sepulchre, our tutorial location, the first plane everyone will experience; here players are taught how to survive these treacherous lands, and the undertaking required to dispel the darkness. After players acquire a taste for battle, they’re set free to explore our semi-open world, challenging Rhogar sorcerors, Umbral manifestations, and even all-consuming sentient mounds of flesh. 

Mournstead awaits

Mournstead exists in constant parallel, enticing all potential adventurers who yearn for honorable renown. The expansive universe of Lords of the Fallen calls out for discovery – from the soaring cliffside of Pilgrim’s Perch to the unending blazes that burn the city of Calrath. As you step into the shadow realm of Lords of the Fallen, you will uncover that each significant location is intricately linked with at least two others, granting you the liberty to carve your own path. Take heed – as the bearer of the lamp, exercise great caution as you set forth on your expedition, for it will be fraught with danger and perils beyond words. Those who are willing to wager their lives may unveil a realm overflowing with immeasurable treasures.

Fluid, responsive combat

Confront relentless legions of Adyr, or crumble and yield to the depths of despair – your legacy hinges on your tactical approach in Lords of the Fallen. As you embark on your mission to conquer the shadows, the seamless integration of melee, magic, and ranged abilities will aid you in your survival. Seize the opportunity to assign up to four extra magical or ranged skills to your controller, instantly bestowing upon you an extensive array of combat choices. This intricate system not only enriches the spectrum of combat, allowing you to weave together an almost boundless series of combinations, but it also quickens the tempo of battle by eliminating the need for constant ability swaps. Armed with this arsenal at your fingertips, you are poised to obliterate all adversaries in your path.

Uninterrupted online co-op

Annihilation awaits those who neglect to confront the terrors of our realm. Nevertheless, assistance is readily available to modest fighters who set aside their pride. By tapping into vestiges scattered throughout Mournstead, one can summon support from a companion or another destined soul that can assist you on your quest. The realm of Lords of the Fallen can be faced jointly, without interruption, throughout your entire quest.

Death and umbral

In the realm beyond the living lies a realm of torment, known as Umbral. Access to this parallel world can be attained by employing the Umbral Lamp, or by meeting an unwilling or sacrificial death. Embarking on this parallel journey bestows upon you the power to peer beyond the veil, bridging the two domains for your benefit. You can uncover nightmarish bridges spanning vast chasms in the Umbral realm, or reveal concealed treasures that assist you in your mission. Nevertheless, exercise utmost caution, O Bearer of the Lamp, for prolonged exposure leads to the corruption of your mind by invading malevolent forces.

We hope you enjoyed this peek at what’s coming when players enter the lands of Lords of the Fallen, launching on PS5 October 13.

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