Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.36 adds 4 new cars, three Extra Menus, and a Gran Turismo movie experience

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Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.36 adds 4 new cars, three Extra Menus, and a Gran Turismo movie experience

Drive the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 from the Gran Turismo movie when the update goes live August 7.

Gran Turismo players! We’re excited to reveal the 1.36 update for Gran Turismo 7, arriving Monday, August 7 at 12am PDT / 8am BST / 4pm JST*. Look forward to new content celebrating the upcoming Gran Turismo movie, GT Café extra menus, 4 exciting new cars, and more. Read on for full details.

*Internet connection and Gran Turismo 7 game required for update

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.36 adds 4 new cars, three Extra Menus, and a Gran Turismo movie experience

Gran Turismo Movie Commemorative Feature

Find your line with the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 ‘18 as seen in the movie

To celebrate the release of the Gran Turismo movie this month, we will be running a gift campaign for the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 ’18 from August 7 until September 28. During the campaign period, just click the special panel on the upper-right of the World Map screen to redeem the vehicle. Do not miss this limited time opportunity.

Additionally, a new livery has been added recreating the GT-R as seen within the movie. This livery can be selected when purchasing the Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 ’18 from Brand Central.

Gran Turismo is based on the unbelievable true story of a team of unlikely underdogs – a struggling working-class gamer (Archie Madekwe), a failed former racecar driver (David Harbour), and an idealistic motorsport executive (Orlando Bloom). Together, they risk it all to take on the most elite sport in the world. Gran Turismo is an inspiring, thrilling, and action-packed story that proves that nothing is impossible when you’re fueled from within.

Gran Turismo arrives exclusively in movies theaters around the world starting August 9. Purchase tickets for early screenings in select regions now:

Gran Turismo World Series Showdown 2023 Amsterdam – Predict the Winners and Viewers Gift Campaign

To celebrate the World Series Showdown 2023 Amsterdam, to be held 11-12 August, we will be running two campaigns to allow viewers to join in on the action.

World Series Showdown ‘Predict the Winners’ Campaign

Through this campaign, players can win in-game credits by correctly predicting the winning ‘Manufacturers Cup’ and ‘Nations Cup’ teams at the World Series Showdown. Entries can be submitted from the campaign banner in the top right corner of the Gran Turismo 7 world map screen. 1,000,000 Credits will be awarded for a correct guess, with 2,000,000 Credits awarded for correctly guessing the winners of both tournaments.

  • Voting starts: 1st Aug Voting
  • Deadline: Until the start of the Grand Final race of each race

World Series Showdown Viewers Gift Campaign

In the ‘Viewers Campaign’, players can receive rewards by clicking the corresponding campaign banner in the top right corner of the Gran Turismo 7 world map screen and clicking the Manufacturers Cup (Reward: 6-Star Roulette Ticket [Engine]) and Nations Cup (Reward: Early access to the Toyota Ambulance Himedic ) links and watching the stream. Do not miss your chance to get your hands on this Japanese ambulance ahead of its end of September release.

Celebrating the World Series 2023 Showdown with Two Special Giveaway Campaigns! Enter to Win In-Game Prizes and Early Access to the Toyota Ambulance Himedic! Reward tickets for this campaign will be distributed on Sunday, 14 August and Monday, 21 August. For further information on this campaign, please consult the article below.

Introduction of 4 New Cars

Chevrolet Corvette (C1) ‘58

The origin of the American sports car. The glorious first gen Corvette.

In early 1953, there were no cars built in the United States that you could call a ‘true’ sportscar. The American sportscar market then was dominated by European sportscars that were imported after World War II. To change all this, the sports car that GM released under their Chevrolet brand was the Corvette. This first Corvette was born in 1953. Combining FRP panels with a steel backbone frame, it was very futuristic and advanced in style, and set its presence as an American-made sportscar. A 149.9 BHP, 3.8 L inline-6 was mounted in the 4,249 mm long, 1,773 mm wide body. The Corvettes made this year were all hand-made, and only 300 were produced. After seeing that these initial 300 cars sold out instantly, GM moved its factory from Michigan to Saint Louis in the following year of 1954, and prepared for mass production. In this year they produced 10 times the number of cars they had the previous year, at 3,640 cars. The specs of the 1954 model are the same as the first years, but midway through the model year they changed the cam profile, and the engine output was raised to 152.9 BHP. The front grille and rear design were changed for the ’58 model, and the most dramatic change in its looks involved the newly adopted quadruple headlights.

Maserati MC20 ‘20

A masterpiece supercar carrying the determination and passion of Maserati.

The MC20 is a mid-engine supercar announced by Maserati in 2020. Maserati are widely known for their elegant and masterfully constructed high performance GT cars with front and rear-mounted engines. The MC20 is the first mid-engine model in their road car line-up in 15 years since the discontinuation of the MC12 in 2005. With its butterfly doors, the body does not appear to have any obvious aero parts fitted. The car is built around a carbon monocoque that weighs as little as 100 kg by itself. Also, lighting measures have been implemented in each car area, allowing for a total weight of under 1,500 kg. The newly developed 3L V6 twin-turbo engine features the first F1 style pre-chamber combustion system used in a production car. It produces a maximum of 621.3 BHP and 730 Nm (74.5 kgfm) torque. Combined with an 8-speed DCT transmission, the car can accelerate from 0 to 62.1 mph in under 2.9s and is stated to reach a top speed of over 201.9 mph.

Toyota Ambulance Himedic ’21*

* Purchasable at Brand Central from late September. Early access available through the World Series Showdown Viewers Gift Campaign.

A paramedic’s job relies on having a good ambulance. From the 1950s, Toyota had been producing and selling ambulances made from specially outfitted passenger and commercial vehicles. The latest model is the 3rd generation ‘Himedic’ high-standard ambulance. The body is based on the export model 200 Series HiAce Super Long and has been outfitted by Toyota’s race car development and customization team Toyota Customizing & Development. Propelling the 5,600 mm long, 1,895 mm wide, 2,490 mm tall body is a 2.7L 2TR-FE inline-4 gasoline engine. The front and rear of the vehicle are fitted with an all-LED array of red warning lights. The interior has been designed for the utmost functionality in a lifesaving situation. In the patient area, the already high roof of the HiAce has been raised even further to secure 1,850 mm of vertical space, and for the first time on an ambulance of this type, features sliding doors on both sides. Space in the patient area has also been improved over the previous model by the strategic relocation of equipment like the hand wash basin.

Toyota GR Corolla MORIZO Edition ‘22

A 2-seater model that takes the GR Corolla to the extreme.

Gazoo Racing (GR), Toyota’s high-performance brand, has used their experience in motorsports to produce the ultimate hot hatch, the GR Corolla. The aim for this car was to create exceptional performance, able to take on any rival. The base chassis of the Corolla Sport has had its front track widened by 60 mm and the rear by 85 mm increasing cornering performance. Additionally, to increase rigidity in hard cornering, 349 extra structural spot welds have been added. The powerplant is the same 1.6L 3-cylinder turbo dynamic force engine that was highly praised in the GR Yaris. The power output has been improved by decreasing exhaust flow resistance, exceeding the GR Yaris’ figure at a maximum 300 BHP. The drivetrain meanwhile uses an active torque split four-wheel drive system with a torsen LSD. Subsequently, the car manages to achieve both an exceptional level of stability and high maneuverability. Though the GR Corolla was introduced as the highest ever spec Corolla, a radical special model was also introduced at its debut, the ‘MORIZO Edition’. MORIZO is the nickname of incumbent Toyota Motor Corporation chairman and master driver, Akio Toyoda. This limited-edition model was born from Toyoda’s wish to ‘bring back Corollas that turn heads.’ To save weight, the MORIZO Edition has had the rear seats removed, effectively becoming a 2-seater model. It also uses a unique close-ratio transmission and final gear setup, and the maximum boost from the turbocharger has been increased to improve peak torque. Along with unique forged wheels and monotube suspension dampers, this model achieves a whole new level of performance. In an automotive world moving towards electrification and automation, the GR Corolla is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that highlights the classic beauty of the simple internal combustion engine.

Be among the first to experience this car in Round 7 of the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup 2023

We are offering players a chance to try out this car before its release in Round 7 of the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup 2023. Additionally, all players who enter the championship (all rounds applicable) and have their online IDs registered on the Points Ranking will receive this car for free. (※) Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! This car will be available to purchase at Brand Central from late September. ※: Gift cars will be distributed on Monday, 28 August.

GT Café Extra Menus

The following three Extra Menus have been added:

  • Extra Menu No. 26: ‘Maserati’ (Collector Level 40 and above)
  • Extra Menu No. 27: ‘Aston Martin’ (Collector Level 44 and above)
  • Extra Menu No. 28: ‘Kei cars’ (Collector Level 27 and above)


‘Fire Station’ has been added to the featured section.

Thanks for reading and hope you’re as excited to get behind the wheel of this new content as we are to share it.

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