Tower of Fantasy introduces a highly-stylized Eastern magical world, coming this summer to PlayStation

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Tower of Fantasy introduces a highly-stylized Eastern magical world, coming this summer to PlayStation

Learn more about the world building of the open-world RPG.

Greetings, everyone! I’m Sky, Lead Designer at Hotta Studio of Perfect World Games and I’m absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you. Our highly anticipated open-world RPG, Tower of Fantasy, is making its way to PlayStation this summer, published independently by Perfect World Games. Pre-orders will start on June 20 (UTC+0), I can’t wait to introduce you to this incredible world!

Tower of Fantasy introduces a highly-stylized Eastern magical world, coming this summer to PlayStation

Open-world, immersive exploration in various styles

At Hotta Studio, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of open-world gaming, exploring different forms of ‘openness’ to create truly immersive experiences. From the desolate sci-fi wasteland of Astra to the vibrant cyberpunk desert metropolis of ‘Vera Sector’, Tower of Fantasy offers a diverse array of freely explorable worlds. Our commitment to innovation and unique styles challenges us to consistently deliver high-quality game content that captivates players. 

Domain 9, an exquisite Eastern magical world

Speaking of Domain 9, in Tower of Fantasy, we aim to create a unique Eastern aesthetic by seamlessly blending Eastern architectural elements with our sci-fi universe, resulting in a distinct art style. The new Domain 9 map features mountains, the Great Wall, citadels, and floating ships, intricately interconnected. You’ll encounter traditional Eastern cultural adornments like the eternal flame lamp and traditional ink-wash paintings, alongside futuristic elements like neon lights and floating structures.

To enhance the mystical ambiance of the Eastern world, we drew inspiration from ancient myths such as the Classic of Mountains and Seas and designed over ten different creatures based on these mythical beasts. By infusing them with our game’s sci-fi universe, these creatures take on dual forms, capable of spewing molten fire and summoning mechanical weapons for combat.


Now, let’s dive deeper into the intriguing character of Liu Huo, our latest addition to the character roster from the world of Domain 9. Picture her in a stylish qipao dress and rocking twin buns, giving off that charming girl-next-door vibe. But don’t be fooled by appearances! When the heat is on, she’s ready to unleash her secret weapon: a massive mechanical ink brush that packs a punch. As she swings it around, fiery Chinese characters light up the battlefield, adding a touch of flair to her fierce fighting style. Get ready to witness the perfect blend of tradition and modernity with Liu Huo in Tower of Fantasy!

Freedom is at the heart of exploration in Tower of Fantasy

We’ve gone the extra mile to provide an incredibly fluid parkour experience, allowing you to traverse the map seamlessly. Each weapon, relic, and vehicle offer its own unique flight postures and effects. For example, Lan gracefully descends with an umbrella and petals, while Alice transforms into a dragonfly, effortlessly soaring over towering mountains. Rubilia, on the other hand, spreads her mechanical wings, propelling herself through the sky at breathtaking speeds. In the 3.0 version, we introduce the brand-new relic Speedwalkers, enabling you to freely walk and run on walls and mountains, breaking free from the limitations of stamina bars and ensuring a seamless exploration experience.

In addition to parkour, we’ve incorporated various fixed-point movement modes throughout the game. Each map features specific means of transportation, such as taxis and subways in the cyber city of Mirroria or the ornate Dragonfly Cruiser in the mystical Eastern realm of Domain 9. These movement modes not only allow you to cover long distances quickly, unlocking new areas and collecting resources, but they also offer a fresh perspective on the game world, ensuring that traversal never becomes monotonous or boring.

Pre-order items for PlayStation players 

As a celebration of Tower of Fantasy’s arrival on PlayStation, we have prepared exclusive bonus content for PlayStation players. Pre-order the game to receive the Move Planes outfit, the Icy Blue Blooming racecar, and White-Tailed Meteor jetpack skin.

In addition to allowing players to freely customize their characters on a high-definition screen, cutting-edge ray tracing technology is also used to experience the appeal of an open-world with higher quality graphics. The game also supports the DualSense wireless controller’s haptic feedback. 

Unending creativity, endless possibilities

In Tower of Fantasy, our creative journey knows no bounds, offering endless possibilities for our players. We aspire to forge ahead into the future, constantly pushing the boundaries of imagination. There is a world of untapped potential waiting to be explored, and we’re committed to delivering unforgettable gaming experiences that captivate and inspire. Together, let’s embark on this remarkable journey into the unknown!

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