Capcom Showcase recap: Pragmata, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Exoprimal and more

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Capcom Showcase recap: Pragmata, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Exoprimal and more

Find out about Capcom’s exciting lineup of games coming to PS5 and PS4.

A varied lineup of exciting games coming to PlayStation was revealed in the Capcom Showcase livestream! From a new look at the highly anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2, to the reveal of the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, we featured games for all types of players.

Ascend, Arisen, and slay the dragon

The Capcom Showcase dove deeper into Dragon’s Dogma 2, which made its grand unveiling just a few weeks ago at the PlayStation Showcase. The game’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, explained a few of the game’s core elements, and revealed a bit about how the sequel is upping the ante on PlayStation 5.

At the heart of Dragon’s Dogma are two key features: the Pawn system, and best-in-class action-RPG combat. Pawns are AI controlled companions that join you on your adventures. You’ll take a main Pawn with you that can be customized to your heart’s content, and two others that can be hired from other players. With your party of up to four, you’ll enjoy companionship and camaraderie on your adventures.

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s action is all about choice. Wield swords, bows, or magick, it’s all up to you. Your chosen vocation determines how your Arisen plays in combat, and there’s a wide variety to choose from. Choice is also a key part of combat scenarios. You’ll constantly be challenged to try and take on situations in your own way, whether it’s seeing what happens when you destroy a bridge or toppling a monster over by pulling their leg. 

Dragon’s Dogma 2 leverages Capcom’s RE Engine, resulting in a densely populated world about four times the size of the original, woven with the latest graphical technology, physics technology and character AI to immerse you in its fantasy world.

Two important characters that are featured in the key art will play an important role in the Arisen’s journey. UIrika, a woman who wields a bow and has a deep connection to the Arisen, and Nadinia, a high priestess of the new beastren race, will impact the Arisen’s destiny and help shape their fate.

A trio of Ace Attorney Games take the stand

Take that! Court is back in session with Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy.

Capcom Showcase recap: Pragmata, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Exoprimal and more

Three mainline games in the Ace Attorney saga, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice, arrive in one collection for the first time on PlayStation. Featuring improved HD visuals, new UI optimization, and localization in seven languages, this collection is the best way to experience the fourth, fifth, and sixth games in this beloved franchise.

Join Apollo Justice on his journey to bring order to the courts and bring an end to the dark age of the law when Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy launches on PS4 in early 2024.

A new look at Pragmata

The Capcom Showcase gave us the first sneak peek at gameplay for Pragmata – an original new IP in development at Capcom. The trailer showed off the game’s protagonists exploring the dystopian near-future lunar world and facing off with robotic foes.

Alongside a look at the world and characters of the game, the team also shared that the title’s release window has been postponed. Rest assured that the development team is hard at work on making an unforgettable experience that will be worth the wait.

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to sharing more details in the future.  

Try Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective…today!

The creator of the Ace Attorney series, Shu Takumi, spoke at the Capcom Showcase and revealed that the Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective demo is available now for PS4.

Capcom Showcase recap: Pragmata, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Exoprimal and more

In this HD remastering of the original classic mystery game, you play as a man named Sissel who must use the powers of the dead to solve the mystery of his own death. Possess and trick objects, rewind time before someone’s death, and use the clues you discover to change someone’s grisly fate.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective launches on June 30, so we hope you’re looking forward to solving Sissel’s fate soon!

The Wargames begin soon in Exoprimal

Exoprimal is stampeding towards launch on July 14 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4! The Capcom Showcase revealed a second Open Beta Test taking place later this week, as well as teasers of an exciting new 5-player co-op mode and a new Exosuit variant. 

Capcom Showcase recap: Pragmata, Dragon’s Dogma 2, Exoprimal and more

Dinosaur hordes await in Exoprimal’s second Open Beta Test, set for Thursday, June 15, 5pm PDT to Sunday, June 18, 4:59pm PDT. This Open Beta Test includes both 10-player co-op missions and additional story contents, so we hope you check it out. Visit the website for exact dates and times in your region.

We revealed a special mode called Savage Gauntlet that lets you take on 5-player co-op missions that rotate weekly. Compete for the fastest times against other players around the world!

We also teased an exosuit variant called Deadeye Alpha: Burst Fire, which comes equipped with a versatile weapon that can burst fire or be used as a shotgun. Deadeye Alpha and more variants will be added in a title update after the game’s release.

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