Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue comes to PS VR2 on May 25

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Hello Neighbor VR: Search and Rescue comes to PS VR2 on May 25

Learn how PS VR2 brings new levels of immersion to the twisted Hello Neighbor experience.

Hello, neighbors! The town of Raven Brooks is calling again, and this time you’re going to get up close and personal with the town – virtually speaking.

Developed by VR veterans Steel Wool Games and launching on May 25 for PlayStation VR2, Hello Neighbor VR: Search And Rescue is a thrilling new adventure set in the twisted little world of the Hello Neighbor franchise. There’s all the puzzling, sneaking and mystery you’ve come to expect from snooping around the Peterson Estate (all while dodging the attention of your eccentric and unhinged neighbor), but this time, you’re going hands-on, using every trick in the PS VR2 book to intuitively navigate a reactive, physical world.

Everything in the world of Hello Neighbor VR reacts the way it should in the real world, so it’s time to get your grubby little fingers where they don’t belong and dig up some mysteries. Nervously nudge doors open, poke your head around corners (while listening carefully for unseen dangers) rummage through cupboards with haptic feedback relayed direct to your fingertips, and generally act like a sneaky little kid should. Or kids, as the case may be.

For the first time in the Hello Neighbor series, Search And Rescue puts you in the shoes of an entire crew of meddling youngsters. While this is a single-player game, you’ll be switching control between five kids; the self-titled Raven Brooks Rescue Squad. Each has their own unique puzzle-solving gadget, and all of them will be needed to unravel the maze of machines and traps you’ll find. Coordinate the movements of the entire team, using your walkie talkie to switch perspectives at any time. Put their heads together and rescue your missing friend from the mysterious mad gadgeteer (and part-time kidnapper) Mr. Peterson.

We’re excited to let you loose on the trap-laden, off-kilter Peterson Estate. Every little crack in the walls can give you a glimpse of coming danger, so keep those eyes peeled. While it’s always good to see trouble coming, sound is essential in any stealth game, and the PS VR2’s 3D audio capabilities are perfect for the job here. Press your ear up against doors for an early hint of danger, or tilt your head to figure out whether that creaking is coming from the attic or basement. Just tread gently and don’t let your Rescue Squad members get snatched up. Rescuing one kid is hard enough!

Of course, controlling an entire squad comes with its perks. Footsteps getting uncomfortably close for comfort for one character? Switch to another and make a noise. Ring the doorbell, turn on the TV or flush a toilet and then scurry off to a hiding spot. The neighbor is sure to come running, giving the rest of your team some breathing room. Play your cards right and you’ll drive your enemy to distraction – just don’t push your luck, or you could end up backed into a corner with nowhere to go. Rescuing your pal Nicky will be a tough job, but with a bit of thought and a local Raven Brooks can-do attitude, anything’s possible.

Keeping your squad in top puzzle-solving condition is essential in Search And Rescue. The Peterson Estate is a strange web of interconnected machines and puzzle-pieces. Many of the puzzles are intuitive and physical, able to be completed in creative, improvisational ways, but sometimes you’ll need the right kid in the right place at the right time. Each of the gadgets carried by the Rescue Squad members gives them a unique place in the puzzle, and you might need several kids positioned strategically and working in sync to open up new paths. Mr. Peterson might think he’s some kind of big-shot inventor, but five small minds put together are better than one big jerk.

We think that VR fans and Hello Neighbor veterans alike will find this trip to the neighbors house to be their most thrilling yet. Steel Wool Games have managed to craft a world jam-packed with creative squad-based puzzles, hidden passages, mystery tunnels and ever-shifting rooms to explore. Mr. Peterson has always been intimidating, but from the perspective of a waist-high kid in VR, he’s a towering, terrifying foe. Give him a run for his money, and foil his plans later this month in Hello Neighbor VR: Search And Rescue. We look forward to your visit on May 25.

See you around the neighborhood!

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