Sci-fi action-adventure Hubris launches hits PS VR2 this May

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Sci-fi action-adventure Hubris launches hits PS VR2 this May

Learn how haptics, adaptive triggers, foveated rendering, and more PS VR2 features deepen the immersion.

Greetings all! We have thrilling news to share with all of you today. Next month, Hubris will be launching on PlayStation VR2, and this version promises to deliver an unparalleled experience. Cyborn has made significant improvements to the game, particularly for the new PS VR 2, resulting in enhanced graphics and gameplay.

But first what is Hubris all about. Hubris is a VR action-adventure game set in a unique and colorful sci-fi universe, with immersive movement options, including swimming, climbing, and jumping. Players will have to gather resources, craft food and upgrade their weapons to fight off alien wildlife, droids, and humanoid enemies.

The inclusion of foveated rendering is a significant enhancement for our game, which features complex and expansive scenes. This cutting-edge technology allows for a sharper resolution than anything previously achieved. The game’s textures and models are now several times clearer, while the frame rate remains stable.

Prepare for an even more immersive gameplay experience thanks to the advanced DualSense controller haptics. You’ll feel every action in the game, with feedback provided through both the controllers and headset. From swimming to shooting, every action has been customized with haptic feedback. Moreover, we’ve adjusted the weight of the guns to simulate an impactful feel, and the triggers adapt to the specifications of each weapon. The adaptive triggers have allowed us to significantly improve the precision of triggering alternative fire modes for both the shotgun and harpoon gun, making shooting guided missiles feel even more responsive. 

In addition, we have revamped the gun reloading mechanism and enhanced the aiming and iron sights of all the weapons. Additionally, new enemy variations have been introduced, requiring players to approach certain situations differently. The balancing has also been refined, providing a greater challenge for players on the hardest difficulty level and a more story-focused gameplay experience for those on the easiest difficulty level.

For a more complete experience the game features 3D audio technology. You can hear the exact location of your enemies and determine the right time to open fire based on their footsteps. In addition, we’ve incorporated a complete ambient music soundtrack that adapts to the player’s environment and combat state, making the game’s most tense moments even more complete.

We’re thrilled about the upcoming release of Hubris on PS VR 2, and we hope you are too! Get ready to explore the Twin Planet System this May. Join our Discord community to share your excitement for the release and be the first to know the exact launch date.

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