Get Meet Your Maker with PlayStation Plus, available today

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Get Meet Your Maker with PlayStation Plus, available today

Celebrate the launch of Meet Your Maker with tips and a look at a jam-packed 3-month content roadmap.

We are so excited for the release of Meet Your Maker, available today on PS5 and PS4, and included Day 1 with PlayStation Plus memberships as one of April’s Monthly Games.

We launch today with a full arsenal of traps, guards, weapons, Custodians, and more already included for Builders and Raiders to discover and master. This is a game driven by user-generated content, and so for us, the next step is making sure our players are taken care of with a steady stream of new content to keep the possibilities, personalization, and creativity firing on all cylinders.

There’s a lot to look forward to, so let’s celebrate today with some tips and tricks plus everything we’ll be adding to the world of Meet Your Maker in the first three months after launch.

Tips & tricks

We hope you’ll have a blast building incredible Outposts and raiding the insane creations of other Builders. To close things out, we wanted to share a couple of quick tips for both roles to help you get started whether you’re playing solo or with a friend.


  • Build Step-by-Step: Use a 3-step approach – build the basic structure, add traps and guards, then cosmetics.
  • Second Wave: Raiders still have to escape once they’ve grabbed the Genmat. Make getting out just as hard as getting in.
  • Anticipate: Think like a Raider as you set traps. How can you lure, herd, and trick them while using their reactions to your advantage?
  • Test: Test your own Outposts as a Raider. It’s the best way to know what’s working and what’s not.


  • Hardware: Stock up on useful consumables like speed boosts, deployable shields, and even respawn beacons.
  • Grapple Hook: This is your best friend. Master it. It gives you incredible mobility for both attacking and escaping.
  • Danger Signs: When a trap is tripped you get both a visual and audio cue before it deploys. Train yourself to react quickly.
  • Second Wave: Some traps and guards only activate after you grab the Genmat. Trust nothing on your way out.

Three-month content roadmap

Keeping things fresh, ever-changing, and always unexpected is our mission when it comes to adding content to Meet Your Maker.

We also want to make all this content easily accessible to all players, and so a lot of what you’ll see below is either free, or unlockable just by playing the game and earning in-game currency.

Hellscape Deco Pack – free/instant access (April 18)

Arriving a few weeks after launch this Deco Pack will be free and instantly accessible to all players. Deco Packs in Meet Your Maker are essentially themed building materials that add a totally new aesthetic to the game. Hellscape combines organic matter and industrial materials to create eerie, pulsating, and all-around unsettling Outposts that feel alive in the worst possible ways.

New Mods and Augments – free/unlockable with playtime (regular drops)

Over the first several months, we’ll also be dropping multiple new Mod and Augment additions for existing traps and guards which players can unlock with in-game currency. If Deco Packs are all about style, Mods and Augments are all about being a more effective killer. Builders get new ways to affect traps and guards for even more control over their setups and combos. Raiders are suddenly faced with fresh challenges to overcome just when they thought they’d figured everything out.

Major Content Update – Sector 1: Dreadshore (end of June)

Meet Your Maker’s first major DLC will come at the end of June and add a completely new environment to the game, as well a new Deco Pack, Custodian, trap, guard, weapon, and even a cosmetic collection.

When it comes to Sectors, new environments and new deco packs will always be instantly available for free to all players upon release. The environment introduces a completely new region along with a Sector-themed set of building blocks to create a completely different style of Outpost. All the gameplay elements are unlockable via playtime.

“A Sector is our way of traveling to a new location and uncovering weapons, guards, and other supplies that can be useful to the Custodian,” says Joe Dermo, Meet Your Maker’s narrative designer. “Each Sector has lore that can give us a clearer idea of what was happening in the world before its downfall.

“There are many Sanctuaries out there, so we envision how their inhabitants might have lived, how they’d adapt to their environment, and how their morality, or lack thereof, could lead them down a different path. Dreadshore will bring us beyond the sandy wastes to a very different location. The backstory will shine a spotlight on one of the themes of our universe: what happens when science and experimentation is pushed beyond its ethical limits.”

Meet Your Maker is available now on PS4 and PS5.

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