Dreams: Announcing the winners of the 4th Annual Impy Awards

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Dreams: Announcing the winners of the 4th Annual Impy Awards

Which Dreams creators took home a trophy at this year’s coMmunity awards show? Find out here!

The 4th Annual Impy Awards have come to a close, and we’re leaving behind the islands of the Nomi Nations minus a bunch of golden trophies, and plus a tonne of wonderful memories. Oh, and some crab-based trauma. It’s a long story.

If you’re curious, though, you can catch up with this year’s show – and all of our ‘road to the Impys’ livestreams, including Molecule chats, Dreams creator interviews, behind-the-scenes secrets and more – over on our YouTube channel!

We had a blast celebrating many of the most brilliant creations and memorable moments from the past 12 months in the Dreamiverse – and showing celebrity guest judges from across a variety of creative industries some of the very best stuff Dreams has to offer.

Thanks to them, we’re now 23 trophies lighter! Not because they stole them. They just helped us with the tricky task of figuring out which creators to hand the prizes to. And you got stuck in too, casting votes for your worthy winners in our eight coMmunity-voted categories.

But WHO ended up taking home the gold? WHO immortalised themselves in Dreams history and entered the hallowed halls of Impys infamy? And WHO let an owl into this blog post? The noise is incredibly irritating.

All these questions (okay, not the owl one, that was a joke) are answered below. Take a look at the winners of the 4th Annual Impy Awards!

Creation of the Year

●  Trip’s Voyage Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam

Creator/Team of the Year

●  Eupholace

Community Star

●  UglySofaGaming

Community Collaboration

●  DreamsFest 22 – The DreamsFest Team

Most Helpful Dreamer

●  TAPgiles

Breakthrough Dreamer

●  MarshallsAccount

Curation Star

●  LadyLexUK

Contribution Beyond Dreams

●  The InfiniDreams Team

Excellence in Sculpture

●  Imp lillouakola81

Excellence in Art Direction

●  Trip’s Voyage Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam

Excellence in Environment Art

●  Vineland 2 ZIIQ, VitaminG_90

Excellence in Animation

●  AstroThumb Stories 2 arseny3d

Excellence in Gameplay

●  Trip’s Voyage Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam

Most Original Gameplay

●  Cubus StinoAlpino, DeDefourkes

Music Track of the Year

●  goth egg | slip and fall CFulljames, KaTMalenjamz

Musician of the Year

●  CFulljames

Excellence in Audio Design

●  Tides venwave

Excellence in Voice Acting

●  Elfiooh in Il était une fois…

Excellence in Character Design

●  Scraps MitterMak

Excellence in Narrative

●  Scelerophobia Grothraw

Excellence in VR

●  THE RANGE KarstenStaack

Innovation in Create

●  Pic Importer Templates (Dreams Picture Importer) coynem

Evolving Experience

●  Trip’s Voyage Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam

It’s truly been another fantastic year in Dreams. If you’d like to check out any of our award-winning creations and creators for yourself, head into Dreams and get your eyeballs around the front page of DreamSurfing – our curators will make sure you can find exactly what you’re looking for. As long as that thing is available in Dreams. They can’t do anything about your lost keys.

With this year’s Impy Awards wrapping up, it’s time for us to take our leave from the beautiful Nomi Nations that hosted this year’s celebration – and say a big thank you to everybody who helped us celebrate another unforgettable year of creative, collaborative, coMmunity fun in Dreams. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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