New Dead Island 2 skill cards revealed, out April 21

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New Dead Island 2 skill cards revealed, out April 21

The sequel introduces an innovative abilities system that gives players complete customizable freedom.

HELL-A can be dangerous since the zompocalypse happened and the locals got so bitey. Luckily, Slayers in Dead Island 2 have their own customizable skill decks to help level the playing field against the undead Angelinos trying to feast on them.

But, “what exactly is a skill deck, and how is it going to help me maximize my zombie slaying potential?” you ask. Well, first, we need to talk skill cards.

Skill cards

Gained from leveling up, found hidden around the city of LA and scavenged from slain zombie foes, skill cards are collectible items that, once equipped, grant Slayers special powers, abilities, and boons to aid them in combat situations.

Some of them make you faster, more agile, or stronger; some reward you with buffs each time you pull off that perfect decapitation, and some will set fire to zombies you drop kick, turning them into flying, flaming sacks of rotten flesh. No, we aren’t kidding; there is a card that does that.

Whether you’re out to pump up your stats to become the ultimate slaying machine or want access to an arsenal of acrobatic attack move so you can slaughter zombies with maximum style points, there’s a skill card to suit your needs.

We want you to have total freedom in how you play, regardless of which of the six Slayers you choose to battle through HELL-A. That’s why we’ve made the vast majority of skill cards applicable to everyone.

New Dead Island 2 skill cards revealed, out April 21

The right deck for the job

The skill deck is where you can browse your collection of skill cards and choose which ones you want to equip.

Say you’ve come across a zombie posing a bit more of a challenge than the typical shambling husk – maybe they look like they’ve been hitting the gym and eating their greens. Or they have blades coming out of their arms, yikes.

It’s time to make sure you’re working with the right skills to get the job done, which is why we made the skill deck in Dead Island 2 fully remappable, at any point.

If you wish to tweak a single card or completely change your playstyle – say from a tanky brawler to an agile assassin — you can do so at any given moment with total ease.

Part of the magic of building your skill deck is experimenting with all the different perks and abilities skill cards grant you to find wickedly fun and effective synergies that suit your playstyle.

But, to help get you started, here are a couple of the Team at Dambuster’s favorite combinations.

Coming in hot

Combine the Dash Strike ability with the Slayer skill Hammer Fist to unleash a strike capable of launching zombies into the stratosphere. This card combo is ideal for pushing zombies off those Beverly Hills mansion rooftops to their demise or into pools of acid and other dangerous substances. Bumped into a zombie donning a grenade belt? Pull the pin and send them into a crowd of their own kind for explosive results.

Scorched earth

Mix the Ground Pound Ability with the survivor skills Flare Up and Quake to create a truly devastating ground smash that topples zombies and ignites the floor underneath them. We recommend this one when crowd control is critical — getting swarmed by walkers? Go complete “Hulk smash!” and leave the Z’s crawling through flames to get to you.

See you in HELL-A

All that’s left to say is we will see you in HELL-A when Dead Island 2 hits PS5 on April 21. Pre-orders are live and can be made at PlayStation Store.

We can’t wait to see the Skill Deck combinations you come up with, slayers.

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