Next-level VR gaming: Zenith’s new trailer and PS VR2 features

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Next-level VR gaming: Zenith’s new trailer and PS VR2 features

Anime-inspired VR MMO gets massive upgrades for PS VR2

I’m thrilled to share our new trailer for Zenith: The Last City, a massively multiplayer world built for VR. Zenith on PlayStation VR2 is an entirely new immersive experience. Stunning visual upgrades, juicy new hardware features like headset rumble, gaze tracking, and adaptive triggers. You might have a hard time taking off the headset!

Next-level VR gaming: Zenith’s new trailer and PS VR2 features

Let’s deep dive on the new PS VR2 features coming to Zenith on PS VR2 launch day February 22.

PS VR2 Features

Headset haptics

Feel the sensation of falling from great heights, taking heavy damage, and even the dizziness of critically low health. Dash, jump, and glide through the air, feeling the wind on your face. The quicker you move, the more intense the headset rumbles.

Eye tracking

Eye Tracking helps you stay focused in moment-to-moment gameplay. With PS VR2, there’s no need to stop and point your hand to focus on enemies like other platforms. Simply look at the enemy while clicking the joystick to lock on. This is especially handy during high-stakes battles like boss fights, allowing you to concentrate on your opponents even while moving quickly, gliding, or climbing.

Advanced PS VR2 Sense controller haptics

As a Blade Master, feel the power of your strikes and parries with intense haptics in the hand that lands the blow. As an Essence Mage, feel energy surge through your hands as you charge up your blasters. Outside the heat of battle, feel the wind gently passing by your head as you glide through the air.

Adaptive triggers

As an Essence Mage, feel powerful weapon trigger-like resistance at your fingertips. Fire bursts of energy or hold the trigger for supercharged energy blasts. With adaptive triggers, you’ll always be aware of your stamina or ammo depletion, without breaking your immersion.

Fast loading

Experience lightning-fast load times an average of 2-5x faster than other platforms. You can jump right into the heart of the action and move effortlessly through Zenith, without any delays.

Zenith is set to launch for PS VR2 on February 22. You can pre-order Zenith and earn an exclusive cute reward: a Mecha Dingbo pet!

Zenith’s next major patch is coming soon after PS VR2 launch with game-changing new features. Alongside the new Cyber Ninja class, we’re introducing huge systems like player housing, harvesting (mining, chopping, and digging), and much more.

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