(For Southeast Asia) Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 starting February 21, 2023

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(For Southeast Asia) Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 starting February 21, 2023

A deep dive of the Atomic Heart combat system, details of the use of skills and weapons, features of DualSense wireless controller while playing on PS5, game tips and more.

The long-awaited release of the immersive action-RPG game Atomic Heart from Mundfish studio, which takes place in the mad utopian world of the alternative history of the USSR of the 1950s, is available now for the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5! Get ready for the game’s release by learning important gameplay details that will help you immerse yourself in the game and survive a deadly technological nightmare!

Upgrade weapons and manage resources

As you progress, you will be able to gain access to 12 unique types of weapons, including melee weapons, firearms and energy weapons. Using melee weapons, you are constantly accumulating a charge for an energy weapon, and using a mix of those will always allow you to fight even if you run out of ammo for firearms. In order to increase your level of lethality, you will need to thoughtfully upgrade your arsenal. And that will also give you an access to a special additional attack of certain types of weapons. For example, an energy weapon is capable of releasing an EMP-impulse via special attack, and a Zvezdochka melee weapon can release rotating saws in front of it. Also, for example, having gained access to a special attack of the PM gun, you will be able to spend 4 bullets to make a sniper shot that deals crushing damage and instantly headshots some enemies. And do not forget to use special cartridges for weapons with elemental effects to make an additional damage effect on enemies in the form of fire or, for example, freezing.

To upgrade weapons, you will need to look for recipes and use them with the NORA crafting machine. Some of them are available from the very beginning, and to understand where to search for new ones, the location of the recipes will be indicated within the NORA machines’ interface. Also, in the rooms with a NORA, you can save your progress and pick up items from the warehouse. You will be able to send items for storage at any time, while those that can’t fit into the inventory will be sent there automatically. Manage your items carefully to be ready to change your approach to fights at any time.

Use the abilities of the polymer glove wisely

To deal with opponents more effectively, you will be able to combine the use of weapons together with the special abilities of your polymer glove CHAR-les! You will have 5 abilities at your disposal: Shocker, Telekinesis, Frostbite, Polymeric Shield and Polymeric Jet. The Shocker will be available for permanent use, while out of the remaining 4 you will be able to additionally activate 2 more abilities at the same time. This system will allow you to take a unique approach to fights with different types of opponents. You can change the set of active skills at any time to deal with unexpected combat conditions.

Thus, look for the best approach and thoughtfully combine a mix of weapons, elemental cartridges, special attacks and, of course, the abilities of the glove. As an example of a combat situation – if you suddenly find yourself surrounded by opponents from all sides, you will be able to freeze those who are behind with a glove, then use the Dominator energy weapon to discharge the accumulated energy into those who are in front, then turn back again and smash frozen enemies with melee weapons, thus accumulate an energy for “Dominator” and finally discharge additional energy shots to finish the remaining enemies in front. Use your imagination without limits!

Benefit from consumable items

Do not forget to constantly use consumable items, which are an integral part of the gameplay and are scattered around the world. Be aware that Condensed Milk – increases outgoing damage, Vodka – increases the level of protection, adrenaline – gives acceleration of movement and a small regeneration of health, and, of course, first aid capsules – basically restore health. At critical moments, consumable items will be able to help you deal with a situation that could have seemingly ended in death.

Strategically upgrade the skill branches

In total, you will have 7 skill branches available for upgrading. 5 of branches relate to the active skill sets, which are actually upgrades of the polymer glove abilities: Shocker, Telekinesis, Polymeric Shield, Frostbite and Polymeric Jet. The 2 remaining branches relate to passive skill sets: character skills such as speed of movement and branch of energy upgrades. Keep upgrading your skills and become more and more invincible!

You will be able to reset all skills at any time absolutely free of charge and restore the polymers spent on them in order to assemble a new build of skills. You will be able to create more than 300 different combinations of all the branches’ skills. Experiment and look for new approaches to opponents, whose vulnerabilities differ from type to type!

Enjoy the DualSense wireless controller features while playing on PS5

Part of the advantages of playing on the PS5 – is an access to the immersive sensations that the DualSense wireless controller provides. You will feel the recoil from adaptive triggers while firing weapons, and this recoil will differ depending on the weapon used. You will also experience particular vibrations while using certain special attacks of some weapons or when the glove’s abilities are overheating. Also, you will be able to listen to the Chirper’s audio through the controller speaker, which will additionally contribute to the overall experience. Play the Atomic Heart with a full immersion and enjoy exploring its amazing and deadly world!

Atomic Heart is available on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 starting February 21, 2023, and you will have the opportunity to finally look behind the veil of mystery surrounding the occurring technological nightmare and find out what an Atomic Heart actually is!

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