Dreams: Your final nominees for the 4th Annual Impy Awards

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Dreams: Your final nominees for the 4th Annual Impy Awards

This year’s shortlist revealed, plus everything you can expect from our livestream celebrations.

Huge, possibly day-altering news: It’s nearly time for the 4th Annual Impy Awards! The Impys is our yearly event where we celebrate the very best things made in Dreams over the past year, as well as the lovely coMmunity in and around it. Back in November, we opened up nominations – and loads of you submitted your favorite creations, creators and coMmunity members for awards consideration across a whopping 23 categories. Cheers for doing that!

We’re currently in the middle of putting together a fabulously over-the-top awards show on Sunday March 26 at 9am PT / 5pm GMT to announce the winners of this year’s Impy Awards – some judged by us with the help of friends from across the creative industries, with others voted on by the CoMmunity. (More on how to vote in a bit!)

How fabulously over-the-top, you ask? Well, we couldn’t seem to find the perfect venue for our awards show this year, as some places have very strict safety rules around fire and giant flesh-monsters (honestly, you can’t have any fun these days). So we simply created our own in Dreams! A whole archipelago, in fact. Here’s a cheeky little peak at some of the virtual sets we’ll be livestreaming from:

‘Peak’? Eh? Because of the mountain? …Wow, tough crowd. Fine, here are some more:

We thought we’d take advantage of all this extra space by turning this year’s Impys season into a multi-day festival – and combining our real-world selves with the virtual world. In the lead-up to the main awards show on March 26, we’ll be hosting several livestreams from the beautiful Nomi Nations on our Twitch channel. We’ve got all sorts of events on the schedule, from behind-the-scenes interviews with our developers and coMmunity artists, to musical performances, highlights reels from the past year and much more.

Our first stream on the road to this year’s Impys kicks off today. Join us at 9am PT / 5pm GMT over on Twitch, where we’ll be celebrating Dreams’ 3rd birthday with a look back at the year just past – and a very special coMmunity quiz.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to secure some coveted real estate of the Nomi Nations for yourself, why not get involved in our latest coMmunity challenge in Dreams by customizing your very own floating island? Imagine what you could build on your very own piece of paradise. A frog pond filled with lemonade! Seventeen cars! Another identical, but much smaller, island! The possibilities are truly endless. Head to the front page of DreamShaping in game to get started with one of our handy island templates. We’ll be featuring your creations in–game and, of course, checking them out on our Impys livestreams.

Time to bring you out of the clouds and back down to Earth, though. Let’s reveal which amazing Dreams creations and creators made the final shortlists for the 4th Annual Impy Awards.

Before we get into it, a reminder: the following categories are coMmunity–voted, meaning the winner is decided by all you arbiters of good taste out there.

  • Community Collaboration
  • Most Helpful Dreamer
  • Breakthrough Dreamer
  • Curation Star
  • Contribution Beyond Dreams
  • Evolving Experience
  • Innovation in Create
  • Community Star

Don’t forget to vote for your winners via this survey by 23:59 GMT on Tuesday February 21 for your vote to be counted!

And now, without further ado… the nominees.

Creation of the Year

  • HeliTaxi – atheistsw, arepera, Zodira
  • DreamsFest 22 – The DreamsFest Team
  • Bo’s Island – byvsen, Fr0d0_FragginS79
  • Trip’s Voyage – Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam
  • Friend_Request – Frostadoodle
  • RID – Memories of the Elders – LordBruce, Camian
  • SWORD OF AKAANA: Final Demo – luke_972, rukkurt
  • GAIA HAWK – talc33
  • ZED EXODUS II – TRIX9, shandyboy1975, oLiamS47o, RAKeogh, talc33, Joeycutts83
  • Tides – venwave

Creator/Team of the Year

  • Bohalaa
  • The DreamsFest Team
  • Eupholace
  • The InfiniDreams Team
  • RedSeikatsu-
  • Todu
  • Tricobalt
  • The ZED EXODUS Team
  • venwave
  • willow_the_bob

Community Star

  • MrCaseyJones
  • NotreDamin
  • Nephrendil
  • Yah_Deh
  • InfiniDreams
  • KeldBjones
  • Elca_Gaming
  • UglySofaGaming
  • xMightyViciousx
  • RedSeikatsu-

Community Collaboration

  • Community Garden Events – Nephrendil
  • DreamFlix Season 2 – KeldBjones
  • Il était une fois… – Infinidreams
  • DreamsFest 22 – The DreamsFest Team

Most Helpful Dreamer

  • TAPgiles
  • VYZiUM-
  • OgTheEnigma
  • Intrattackout
  • LucidDreamChaser

Breakthrough Dreamer

  • MarshallsAccount
  • BOOMAN_2284
  • franzeboy
  • PickleWickle0
  • Orue223

Curation Star

  • UglySofaGaming
  • Orue223
  • FlashMedallion
  • LadyLexUK
  • FluffynSassy

Contribution Beyond Dreams

  • xMightyViciousx & James_Wilson11
  • Elca_Gaming
  • Keduko_
  • The InfiniDreams Team
  • Kimerakii

Excellence in Sculpture

  • Introducing: Fly-Million! – dinox11
  • Giga Bust – iDexTiGer
  • Imp – lillouakola81
  • Sooty’s Flower Shop – SootyPinions
  • Portraits – ZIIQ

Excellence in Art Direction

  • Trip’s Voyage – Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam
  • WEB OF METAL – Intrattackout
  • Jungle Bill 2 – NibblersBox
  • The Quest For Self Confidence – Todu
  • Housewave (+ TreeHouse) – venwave

Excellence in Environment Art

  • Somewhere Between, Part 1: A Walk in the Park – BADROBO82
  • Epsilum – Jaavaa, MultiMoo, IansaneArtist
  • Vineland 2 – ZIIQ, VitaminG_90
  • Into the Mist – Parkderk
  • SWORD OF AKAANA: Final Demo – luke_972, rukkurt

Excellence in Animation

  • AstroThumb Stories 2 – arseny3d
  • Duet II – bvysen
  • Scraps – MitterMak
  • Caféwave (Animated Painting) – venwave
  • Animals Gone Missin’ – willow_the_bob

Excellence in Gameplay

  • HeliTaxi – atheistsw, arepera, Zodira
  • Trip’s Voyage – Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam
  • Friend_Request – Frostadoodle
  • Housewave (+ TreeHouse) – venwave
  • Chip Off The Old Block – VinceKully, ghostfruit64

Most Original Gameplay

  • metA Innocence – FeyzPS
  • R.I.F.7 (Spot the difference) – KabarudonphaN18, xMorpheuus
  • A Kid’s Journey to One-Shot Everything Idle – Nicco555, Computer_Cat
  • STRAIN | DreamsCom22 demo – Orksom
  • Cubus – StinoAlpino, DeDefourkes

Music Track of the Year

  • goth egg | slip and fall – Cfulljames, KaTMalenjamz
  • THE INVENTOR’S MACHINE – Gianni_no_Mitaka, I–AURA–I
  • Let the Real You Reappear – Prince_Tahra
  • The Voyage for Golden Anchors – VinceKully, ghostfruit64
  • DarkSide [Live @ DreamSounds Amphitheater] – WileyisCOOL, Tricobalt

Musician of the Year

  • Asian-Roro
  • CFulljames
  • duckenomics
  • Helekosi
  • M-molecul

Excellence in Audio Design

  • Trip’s Voyage
  • Touch Everything
  • Tides

Excellence in Voice Acting

  • ApesOnFire in Ye Olde Opposite Daye
  • Zodira in HeliTaxi
  • RedSeikatsu- in Red and the Phantom Castle Remake
  • Elfiooh in Il était une fois…
  • kimerakii in Cosmic Tale 3

Excellence in Character Design

  • Introducing: Fly-Million! – dinox11
  • Agatha Grindel (MODEL SHOWCASE) – kaifraz4048
  • Scraps – MitterMak
  • Nuhlm the Harold – Suthurnur, chelsea_mb712
  • Dragon Slayer – Tinydiorama

Excellence in Narrative

  • Scelerophobia – Grothraw
  • Ye Olde Opposite Daye – MrCaseyJones
  • Epsilum – Jaavaa, MultiMoo, IansaneArtist
  • The Quest for Self-Confidence – Todu
  • Tides – venwave

Excellence in VR

  • Base VR Template for Moves/Dualshock – gauffreman
  • THE RANGE – KarstenStaack
  • Jungle Bill 2 – NibblersBox
  • A strange encounter in the forest – Orksom

Innovation in Create

  • LOOKING THROUGH – A Visual Puzzle Game – Todu
  • Endless Crowd Experiment – olit123
  • Bendyman (VyzPaint) – VYZiUM-
  • Pic Importer Templates (Dreams Picture Importer) – coynem
  • Mine’A’Day – oooDORIENooo

Evolving Experience

  • Trip’s Voyage – Eupholace, Aevox23, actualjimmyjam
  • The Backrooms – MarshaIIsAccount
  • liminal mystery box – JohnnyBiscotti, MrCaseyJones, mattizzle1
  • R.I.F.7 (Spot the difference) – KabarudonphaN18, xMorpheuus
  • TricoBiddy Bus Company – Tricobalt, blackcat_tracks

We saw an incredible number of submissions from Dreams coMmunity members this year, played a lot of quality creations during the shortlisting process – and read so many heartfelt messages from people explaining why particular creations and creators were the highlights of their year. Regardless of whether you made it to the final shortlist or not, a huge congratulations to everyone who received a nomination: You really made an impact on your fellow dreamers this year.

Right – back to the Nomi Nations we go. Fortunately, the phone signal up there is quite good: why not get in touch via our social channels? We’ll be checking out the hashtag #ImpyAwards, so pop that on your Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok posts if you’ve got any questions/comments/loud noises about the upcoming livestreams.

See you on the islands very soon!

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