PS5 Creators: How Hogwarts Legacy harnesses PS5’s power

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PS5 Creators: How Hogwarts Legacy harnesses PS5’s power

Avalanche developer explains how Hogwarts Legacy’s DualSense controller features, fantastical visuals, and more are made possible by PS5.

The Wizarding World beckons when Hogwarts Legacy launches on PS5 and PS4 February 10. Crafting the magical grounds of everybody’s favorite magical school is a labor of love by the dedicated team at Avalanche.

Explosions of color and light erupt from students’ wands across Hogwarts, harnessing the graphical potential of the PS5. Players can soar through the open world atop their sturdy broom or loyal mount, tapping into the super-fast SSD loading in the fantastical environment.

Starting this year, it’s now easier than before to find a PS5 thanks to increased console supply, which is great news for prospective Hogwarts students. To help players get a sense of what’s in store, Hogwarts Legacy Jose Villeta, Director of Software Engineering, shares some developer insights on how the Avalanche team tapped into the PS5 to enhance the magical journey.

PS5 Creators: How Hogwarts Legacy harnesses PS5’s power

Making magic with PlayStation 5

What were your first impressions when first learning about the power and capabilities of the PS5, from a developer perspective?

Since the first day I got early disclosure about the PS5, I knew we had on our hands a great gaming console. My video game career started with the launch of the original PlayStation and to know how much technology advancements have occurred since then was a dream come true. The DualSense controller felt next-generation right away. The fast accessing of assets through super-fast SSD combined with stunning 4K graphics and visuals set a foundation of what we will be able to deliver for our game.

What are the most significant ways that developing the PS5 version of Hogwarts Legacy enhances the overall experience for the player?

As we designed our game, we built it around the following five tech pillars.

  • DualSense controller
  • Fast loading times
  • 3D audio
  • 4K graphics and visuals
  • Activities and Game Help

Each of these pillars contributed to the development of a complete, groundbreaking, gaming experience. We invested and leveraged the power of PS5 around them. From controlling our player avatar on foot or flying on broom to fast traveling to multiple game locations in a large open world to an audio sensory 3D experience to stunning, great looking environments and characters to the mission tracking and immersive gameplay, the PS5 version of Hogwarts Legacy allows the player to be the wizard or the witch wants to be on the Wizarding World universe.

Visually-stunning magic is a cornerstone of the Wizarding World. How does Avalanche tap into the PS5’s capabilities to create visual effects that “sell” the fantasy of the game’s spells?

From the early development days, we wanted to make sure we deliver amazing visual effects for all the spells and magic around the Wizarding World. Leveraging Unreal Engine, next-generation Niagara visual effects system combined with large computing and rendering capabilities of the PS5, Hogwarts Legacy delivered dozens of unique spells, each one with its own casting, impact and area of effect graphical presentation and treatment. We built a visual language for each spell and as you gain experience you get access to more powerful and advanced visual effects.

The DualSense wireless controller offers a unique level of immersion thanks to its haptics and adaptive triggers. What implementation of the DualSense wireless controller are you most excited about in Hogwarts Legacy?

The DualSense wireless controller enabled us to build a unique gaming experience leveraging key technologies like adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, LED light feedback, touchpad usage, speaker audio and tilt controls. The most exciting part of our game is the amazing combat experiences controlling your wand and casting all kind of unique spells. The combination of adaptive triggers with haptic feedback made our combat encounters felt authentic and totally immersive. You feel like you are in total control of your avatar and as you perform combos and finishers you get rewarded with stunning visual effects and enemy reactions.

Hogwarts Legacy launches on PlayStation 5 February 10.

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