Build and manage your dream city in Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition, out Feb 22 for PS VR2

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Build and manage your dream city in Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition, out Feb 22 for PS VR2

Learn all about features including road building, street level view, services, and more.

Hello Mayors! Henning Sundell and Leon Andersson from Fast Travel Games here with a site analysis for the upcoming launch of Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition. Get ready to plan, build, manage, and enjoy the city of your utopian and dystopian dreams as the all-seeing mayor both from on high and down amongst your citizens. We’re super excited to be able to provide the first ever city simulation experience coming to the PlayStation VR2.

We’ll have a wide selection of areas available for you to start your new city. Some of you might already be familiar with a couple of areas brought over from Cities: Skylines, but there’s been some new ones added to the market as well. And with the added power of the PS VR2 we’ve made sure you’ll be able to expand even further out from that initial area to build the metropolis of your dreams! As it stands each site will contain 25 possible tiles to use, and your city planning permit will allow you to purchase up to nine (9) of those to build on.

So choose a site and start building your city. We’ll start off small with some low-density zoning and simple roads but as things expand you’ll have to start providing more…


Services will unlock as you progress through the city milestones – ensure your citizens have access to these new services to provide them the best opportunity to live and prosper in your city! Prevent fires with your fire brigades, keep your citizens safe through your law enforcement, and care for the sick with your superb healthcare.

Just make sure they can get to where they need to go using the…

Advanced road simulation

With a wide range of road types ranging from gravel filled country roads to six-lane highways, control traffic lights, junctions, and round-abouts to make the flow of traffic as smooth as possible, ensuring that you use the right road for the right job so everyone can get to where they need to go.

And when rush hour hits make sure you’ve provided plenty of…

Public transport

Bus lines, ferries, above- and underground metro, there’s a variety of options to transport your citizens to, from, and around your cities! Help lighten the congestion of traffic on your road network as more and more people move in to your new…


From low density suburbs to the towering skyscrapers of high density areas, zones will be your primary way of providing housing, workplaces, and commercial shops for your citizens to live, earn, and spend money in your city. Watch those smaller buildings grow larger and more extravagant as they level up from you providing them with multiple Services and sources of Education.

This means you’ll have to balance your economy to buy and maintain all of that through our…

Advanced budgeting

Keep track of your income and expenses, increase and decrease taxes for different sectors, budget your services as you see fit – and if you end up in a pinch take one of the multiple but definitively fair and favorable loans provided by our local banks.

And if you happen to have a bit left over, make your cities prettier with…


Ranging from large playgrounds and busy plazas to placing individual trees, rocks and pedestrian pathways. You can be ensured to put your own personal touch to your cities as you watch your city grow and come alive down at…

Street View

Walk along your shoreside promenade, watch ambulances and police cars swoosh by to whatever emergencies they need to take care of, and watch as your cities skylines grow, all from the same height perspective of your citizens.

All this and more thanks to our…

Deep city simulation

Working under the hood to make every part, every decision, every taxation, every car, and every citizen part of the same whole, an interconnected simulation that feels like a living, breathing, realistic city.

We hope you’ve found this quick overview helpful and given you some inspiration to get into the game and become the best mayor this side of the VR world.

See you on launch day, Mayors! Cities: VR – Enhanced Edition launches February 22, PlayStation Plus members can pre-order now for a 10% discount.

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