Dive into The Art of Horizon Forbidden West with Dark Horse Books

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Dive into The Art of Horizon Forbidden West with Dark Horse Books

Pre-orders available from today.

Dark Horse Books, known for their gorgeous and detailed books and comics, have ventured into the world of Horizon to create a comprehensive chronicle that will delight fans and collectors: The Art of Horizon Forbidden West – including a Deluxe Edition with additional bonus materials!

Bound together in a full-color hardcover volume, The Art of Horizon Forbidden West features over 200 pages of concept art and developer commentary on the latest installment of the Horizon saga. This offers fans of the series more insight than ever into how the sequel’s lush environments, fierce machines, and intriguing tribes came to be.

Immerse yourself in Horizon’s stunning world

This art book chronicles the development of Horizon Forbidden West as a spectacular visual journey. Through twelve chapters, curated with Guerrilla’s Art Team, Art of Horizon Forbidden West dives deeper than ever into the mysterious new frontier Aloy explores beyond the Sundom.

Immerse yourself in this post-post-apocalyptic world with never-seen-before detail–from the broad sweeping panoramic views of the West to minute intricacies of tribal artifacts that furnish the game’s lifelike settlements.

“Concept art is the plucky first step we take into the unknown regions of Aloy’s world,” notes Misja Baas, Project Art Director at Guerrilla, in the book’s foreword. “It’s a process of discovery. The paintings are ambitious, beautiful, and full of imagination. They’re grand in their scale and clever in their detail.

“But what I’m struck with most as I turn these pages, and see larger-than-life vistas filled with great ideas and awe-inspiring machines, is the feeling that our vision is truly represented in Horizon Forbidden West. And in some places, it turned out even better than we imagined.”

Choose a Standard or Deluxe Edition

The Art of Horizon Forbidden West will come in two editions:

  • The Art of Horizon Forbidden West Standard Edition
  • The Art of Horizon Forbidden West Deluxe Edition

Bound in exclusive, gorgeous gold hardcover, the Deluxe Edition will come with a gallery-quality print folio and a Far Zenith-inspired slipcase. Its pages, reflecting the visually stunning world of Horizon, are futuristically appointed with high-quality print treatments, including metallic paper and debossing.

Coming soon to your nearest retailer

Both editions of The Art of Horizon Forbidden West are available in bookstores on April 25, 2023, and in comic stores on April 26, 2023! Pre-order your copy now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or at your local comic shop or bookstore for $49.99* for the Standard Edition and $99.99*  for the Deluxe Edition.

For more information, check out Dark Horse’s website.

*Recommended Retail Price. Actual Retailer Price may vary. For local pricing, please check your local retailer.

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