God of War Ragnarök Animated Family Portraits highlight 5 key relationships

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God of War Ragnarök Animated Family Portraits highlight 5 key relationships

Check out all the finished works by talented guest artists, grab some free desktop wallpapers, and more.

Since the Family Portrait series began five weeks ago, we’ve had the great pleasure of showcasing works created by a fantastic group of artists.  These portraits showcase key relationships that are foundational to God of War Ragnarök. 

Now that the series has wrapped, we’ve put together a gallery featuring all five works on the God of War Ragnarök website and sized them for desktop wallpapers so you can bring the gallery to your home(screen). You can download them together here or get them individually below. 

But that’s not all! 

We wouldn’t conclude the series without adding an extra special touch. Not only have we animated each of the works, but we also borrowed Mimir to provide some of his keen insights into our portrait’s subjects!

Drew Merritt – The Bear and the Wolf   

Drew Merritt’s portrait of Kratos and Atreus, the bear and the wolf, captures the familial relationship of our heroes. The father and son pair have endured many trials together on their quest to scatter the ashes of Faye (Kratos’ wife and Atreus’ mother) atop the highest peak in all realms. After the events of God of War (2018), Kratos and Atreus become the close family unit that Faye always hoped for 

But Atreus is no longer a child in God of War Ragnarök. Training relentlessly under the watchful and protective eye of his father, he has grown to be a skilled fighter with the quickness and cleverness of the wolf.  Atreus knows some questions have answers that can only be reached beyond their frozen home in Midgard. 

The snows of Fimbulwinter herald the coming of Ragnarök and signify an ever-increasing danger to all inhabitants of the Nine Realms. Now more than ever, Kratos must prepare Atreus to fight and survive as he was once taught. Protective and cautious like the bear guarding its young, Kratos would do anything to keep his family safe. 

Download a wallpaper version of Drew Merritt’s The Bear and the Wolf here. 

Emma Ríos – The Dwarves 

Emma Ríos’ portrait of the Dwarves gives you a glimpse at some new faces alongside the familiar Huldra brothers, Brok and Sindri. 

While they have had their differences in past, Brok and Sindri mended not only their business relationship, but their brotherly bond as well. Both master smiths, they have provided Kratos and Atreus much needed gear improvements countless times along their journey. While not without their quirks, Brok and Sindri’s steadfast support earned them the trust and, dare we say friendship, of Kratos and his son.     

Emma’s piece also provides a peek into Svartalfheim – home realm of the Dwarves. Known for their brilliant engineering and craftsmanship, the denizens of this realm are proud and skilled in equal measure.  

The Dwarves have built vast structures of watermills, mines, and forges – expertly harnessing the environment around them to create the finest tools, weapons, and armor across the Nine Realms. 

We’ve shown Durlin and his squiggly little companion Dínner before – but we’ll wait until a bit later on to introduce you to our mysterious new lady friend and her very cute, very wrinkly dog. 

Download a wallpaper version of Emma Ríos’ The Dwarves here. 

Romina Tempest – Heroes of Midgard  

The coming of Ragnarök may have prophesized an apocalypse, but that doesn’t mean our heroes can’t enjoy the quiet(ish) moments between battle. 

Romina Tempest’s work depicts an uncommonly common scene, that of dinner amongst friends and family. When danger lurks around every corner, it is moments like this filled with laughter and comfort that become the most precious and extraordinary of all. 

The relationship between father and son is the heart of our story, but Kratos and Atreus no longer fight to keep only each other safe. As the classic saying goes, sometimes a family is the Blue One, Dwarf, Head, Son, and a God (or two) of War!  

Download a wallpaper version of Romina Tempest’s Heroes of Midgard here. 

Jae Lee – Mother and Son 

Jae Lee’s portrait depicts the goddess Freya holding the body of her lost child, Baldur. The events of God of War (2018) saw Freya not only as an ally to Kratos and Atreus, but eventually a friend too. Offering her guidance and mastery over powerful Vanir magic, it was only because of her aid that father and son were able to complete their quest. 

The end of the last game posed Kratos with a choice: kill Baldur and end the cycle of child killing parent or respect Freya’s wishes and allow Baldur to take the life of the woman who saved his son. Though Kratos is familiar with the pain of losing a child, he could not stand aside as Baldur tried to kill his mother. 

While father and son saved Freya’s life, they did so at the cost of her friendship. Swearing vengeance upon Kratos in her grief, the goddess vowed that the price of her son’s death would be paid in blood. 

Though stripped of her wings and title – Queen of the Valkyries – by her former husband Odin, Freya’s anguish and anger have made her a force to be reckoned with. 

Download a wallpaper version of Jae Lee’s Mother and Son here. 

Sui Ishida – The Aesir 

From the realm of Asgard, Odin and his family rule the Nine Realms. Despite all his hoarding of knowledge and power, the death of his son Baldur and the arrival of Fimbulwinter mark the All-Father’s failure to prevent the start of a prophecy he long sought to circumvent. Such a failure he is not like to tolerate a second time. 

Sui Ishida’s portrait depicts the Odin positioned in the background, shrouded and protected by the warriors of his family that stand between him and any who challenge their cause. 

While some of these faces we have yet to meet, there are several Aesir that Kratos and Atreus have already fought as they made their way to Jötunheim. The father and son pair eventually killed Baldur as well as Thor’s sons Magni and Modi. These acts not only drew blood from the most powerful family in the Nine Realms, they also removed significant pieces from the board that served as extensions of the All-Father’s will. 

Despite those losses, Odin’s most powerful piece remains in play: the fiercest warrior in all of Asgard, Thor. With the legendary weapon Mjölnir in hand, the God of Thunder’s infamy is rivaled only by the brutal power he wields against any who would stand against his family.

As Ragnarök looms on the horizon, the Aesir prepare for war and the lives Kratos and Atreus took years ago may yet have a greater price to pay. 

Download a wallpaper version of Sui Ishida’s The Aesir here.


We want to give a huge thank you to each of the artists who worked with us to bring the Family Portrait series to life! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing new and familiar faces alike represented expertly in the unique style of each piece. 

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God of War Ragnarök launches November 9th, 2022. Pre-order your copy here.

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