New Final Fantasy XVI “Ambition” trailer offers an in-depth look into the characters and world of Valisthea

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New Final Fantasy XVI “Ambition” trailer offers an in-depth look into the characters and world of Valisthea

Meet the Dominants of Bahamut and Odin, Dion Lesage and Barnabas Tharmr.

Greetings everyone! I’m happy to announce that our newest trailer—Ambition—is now live. Rather than focusing on action as we did in our last reveal, this time we wanted to give the world a more in-depth look at Final Fantasy XVI’s lore and its rich cast of characters—with the Dominants front and center.

New Final Fantasy XVI “Ambition” trailer offers an in-depth look into the characters and world of Valisthea

The flames of war spread as Valisthea enters an age of twilight. Where will fate lead the Dominants and what future awaits the realm at the end of this bitter conflict? There are still many more questions to be answered, many more truths to be uncovered.

With regards to development, the team has turned the corner and entered the home stretch, and is currently concentrating its efforts on debugging, tweaking, polishing, and optimization.  

We’ll be back soon with more information about the world of Final Fantasy XVI! For now, please enjoy the new trailer and new insight into two new characters. But first, some additional words from Director Hiroshi Takai.

Clive Rosefield, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XVI


Our third trailer is finally here and jam-packed with exciting new information that provides a better picture of how the game’s setting, lore, and characters tie in with our compelling narrative. Hopefully it was worth the wait!

As the game edges closer to completion, the team has turned its full attention to debugging and final adjustments. Now that things are starting to come together, the game is sizing up to be something truly special.

We know you are all hungry to see more, but for now we hope that this little peek into the world of FINAL FANTASY XVI is enough to keep you both satisfied and (of course) speculating until our next big reveal.

– Hiroshi Takai, FINAL FANTASY XVI Director

Dominant vs. Dominant

Introduction of the Dominants of Bahamut and Odin

We hope you enjoyed the latest Final Fantasy XVI trailer! Next, we’d like to introduce two new characters you might be curious about, the Dominants of Bahamut and Odin.  

Crown prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque and leader of its noblest and most feared order of knights—the dragoons. Dion Lesage is loved and respected by both his people and his troops, not least for the many times he has turned the tide of battle in their favor. Indeed, songs of the heroism of the warrior prince and his Eikon Bahamut, King of Dragons, are never far from the lips and lutes of Sanbrequois bards. But all is not well in the empire, and the gathering shadows may yet be enough to quell Bahamut’s light…

Arriving on the shores of Ash as a landless and titleless wanderer, it was Barnabas Tharmr‘s skill with a blade that won him a kingdom. And though the local beastmen were to rise in revolt against his rule, Barnabas called on the power of his Eikon, Odin, to quell their rebellions nigh single-handedly, bringing the entirety of the eastern continent under the Waloeder banner. Now he has an army and navy that rival any in Valisthea at his disposal, yet still the king is drawn to where the fighting is thickest—riding into battle atop his spectral steed and sundering foes with his fabled black blade, or merely observing the unfolding chaos from the sidelines, a grisly gleam of fascination ever in his eyes.

Screenshot Introduction 

Here are a few scenes from the brand-new trailer featuring dynamic action battles, Clive facing the powerful eikons, and the great war of the Eikons! 

Clive wielding Eikonic abilities in battle

Master of both Blade and Ice. 

Clive vs. Garuda

Clive vs. Garuda

Odin’s Dominant vs. Ifrit

The development team is currently in the home stretch and devoting all their energy towards the completion of the game. Please continue to look forward to future updates!  

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