Skate like the wind in OlliOlli World’s final expansion

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Skate like the wind in OlliOlli World’s final expansion

An above the clouds tour of Finding the Flowzone, out next month.

Welcome back to OlliOlli World! After a wild and wacky journey across the treetops and skyscrapers of Radlandia, and a zany adventure into outer Space with the out-of-this-world Void Riders, we figured it was time to bring OlliOlli back down to earth – we wanted to do something a bit more grounded and sensible and… nah, just kidding! This one’s set in the clouds.

There she blows!

High above the familiar cities, deserts, and forests of Radlandia, the wind is in control – as you skate through the skies, prepare to use the new Windzones to propel yourself forward over obstacles, bounce you backward onto hidden routes, and take yourself out with newer, faster, sillier slams than ever before. Then get back up and do it all over again – it’s a mechanic that compliments everything you’ve learned throughout the main game, and gives you brilliant new chances to pull off more tricks and achieve higher scores.

A new way to plan your route

Was the main path through the level too easy? Gnarly route left you wanting more? Well, now there’s a route for that! Burly routes offer a substantial challenge to players who… you know what? Those routes are for players who are better than me at this game. Please tell me what you find up there, and how it is you’re all getting those next-level high scores…

The friends you take with you

You’ll be joined on your journey into the skies of Radlandia by the infamous Radmospheric Three – fellow explorers seeking adventure above the clouds. The grizzled sea-dog Captain Squid, the prim and proper Professor Planks, and the mystically inclined Christopher Licht all have their own reasons for wanting to find Radlantis City, but they’re united by one goal- they want to be the first ones there! Beat Radlandia’s most morally dubious businessfrog, B.B. Hopper, to the map scraps scattered throughout the atmosphere, and who knows what discoveries might await beyond the clouds?

Explore above the clouds

Travel the skies with an all-new crew on a fantastical floating boat as you join The Radmospheric Three on their quest for the hidden city of Radlantis. Soar above the familiar sights of Radlandia, from the spooky clifftops of Wuthering Flights (are there really ghosts up there?) to the grease-laden clouds above industrial Sketchside (they call it OilyOily World). Adventurous travelers who make it to the fabled city of Radlantis will have a chance to meet the legendary Gail Force, and compete before the Skate Godz themselves for the Radlantis Rivals Cup.

Travelling trendsetter

Obviously, thrilling new mechanics, lovingly hand-designed new levels, and a fantastic new crew are fun – but how are you going to show off your new high scores and best combos online without a stylish new outfit to set the whole thing off? Luckily, this expansion comes with a whole host of new customization items, so you’ll be able to strut your stuff (skate your stuff?) right up to the windiest, highest-up stage in Radlandia – Radlantis City itself.

The team has all worked amazingly hard on this, and I know I’m not alone in saying that I can’t wait for you all to get your hands on these awesome new levels. We’ve been totally blown away (pardon the pun) by how friendly, vibrant, and supportive the OlliOlli community has been, so I want to say a big thank you to everyone who’s played the game so far, and to all of you who are excited to play Finding the Flowzone.

OlliOlli World: Finding The Flowzone will be available on PS4 and PS5 on November 2.

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