Stockpile is back with a twist in Destruction AllStars’ brand new event

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Stockpile is back with a twist in Destruction AllStars’ brand new event

Fans of Stockpile should be advised, there’s a tornado warning out in the arena!

Stockpile is back, with a twist, in our brand-new event which launches today in Destruction AllStars! Our second event, Unite, wrapped up last week and now our new event, Survive, is bringing back an old game mode with a new twist as Stockpile Frenzy joins the Trios playlist. This latest event is also adding new game mode “special rules” to add a bit of spice to our existing game modes along with brand new cosmetics for you to earn and unlock, be it through the weekly challenges or our new AllStar Pass! Finally, our competitive mode will be receiving brand new rewards this season, so there’s a lot to dig into in today’s blog post!

Stockpile is back with a twist in Destruction AllStars’ brand new event
Survive Event runs from September 20 to November 9. Survive AllStar Pass, Stockpile Frenzy game mode and Weekly Survive Challenges will be available September 28. Competitive Rewards will roll out September 30, as to will the Competitive Shop. Special Rules will launch October 5. Some content and activities are free to all players, while others require purchase.

Tornado warning in effect

Stockpile is one of our team based game modes with more of an objective focus, it revolves around collecting gears from damaged opponents and depositing them into your team’s bank to score points. Stockpile Frenzy has been designed from the ground up for the trios playlist where three teams of three players battle it out in the arena with one bank each. Deposit gears in your own bank to score points or drain gears from your opponents banks! Whilst it sounds straight forward, the arena is working against you as a vehicle-destroying tornado tears through the map, devouring anything in its path! You’ll need to show off your driving skill and navigate the arena to get your gears safely to your bank, or execute a close drive by to collect gears near the tornadoes for some last minute points. We’re really excited to get this version of Stockpile back into the multiplayer playlists as we’ve seen lots of requests from our community for its return. The team at Lucid can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to the new danger of the tornadoes and to the new dynamic trios brings to the mode!

Spice up the arena

Tornadoes aren’t the only way in which we’re changing things up in the arena. We’re also adding a series of special rules to our Quickplay and Trios playlists. The idea behind these special rules is to give players ways to earn extra points during a game of Destruction AllStars by mixing up their playstyles a little. Here’s a breakdown of these new special rules:

  • Team Targets (Mayhem Trios)
    • Each team is given a “rival” team to target.
    • Taking out that team awards bonus points.
  • Most Wanted (Mayhem Quickplay)
    • Players that wreck 3 opponents will become marked on the HUD for all players in the arena.
    • Players who then wreck or KO the marked player will be awarded bonus points.
  • Team Break Pack (Any Trios Game Mode)
    • At fixed points during a game, the Team Break Pack item will spawn in the arena, marked for all players on the HUD.
    • If a player collects the Team Break Pack, their team will have their Hero Vehicle and AllStar breakers filled and made instantly available.

We’re interested to see how these new special rules affect your choice of AllStar! Special rules will be active from next week, so you and your friends have got some time to plan how you’re going to tackle these new objectives!

Competitive Season Three

With our third event comes another refresh of our competitive rewards. As with last season, your performance in the competitive Blitz playlist will earn you competitive currency that you can spend exclusively on cosmetic rewards from the competitive store. The higher your rank, the more you get to show off in style with new player glows and effects for some of our highest ranked players!

Outside of competitive mode, we have brand new skins and cosmetics available in the store along with a brand new AllStar Pass packed full of cosmetics and currencies in both the free and premium tiers. You can also earn rewards by completing the weekly challenges, with brand new challenges added for Survive. However you choose to play, you’ll always be making progress towards completing challenges and earning new rewards!

The Survive event is live in Destruction AllStars right now! PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members can download Destruction AllStars from the Game Cataloug at no additional charge. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news and updates and we’ll see you in the arena!

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