Learn how the DualSense controller helps bring some of Inscryption’s deepest secrets to life

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Learn how the DualSense controller helps bring some of Inscryption’s deepest secrets to life

The game’s creator details the PS5 exclusive features ahead of next week’s launch.

Hello! I’m Daniel, creator of Inscryption and I’m back to explain some of the PlayStation-exclusive features we’ve implemented in the PS5 version! With some clever use of the controller and a drop or two of goat’s blood we managed to make Inscryption even more immersive.

Firstly, spoiler alert! There’s nothing here that will give away the game’s darkest secrets, of course, but if you want to dive into the console experience completely fresh, then proceed with caution.

Let’s start with the controls themselves. The good news is controls have been completely redesigned to feel good on a gamepad. Inscryption was originally designed to be a point-and-click adventure controlled with a mouse, but moving a virtual cursor with the analog stick was not going to be good enough for console players, so we went back to the drawing board. It was a lot of work.

Now, you’ll be able to snap between views with the analog stick, use the face buttons to examine and play your cards, then press the adaptive trigger to end your turn. It feels great on the controller and we’re really happy with how it turned out. But what about exploration? Well, in the cabin itself, certain interactable objects are bound to hotkeys for easy access. However, to maintain the curiosity of not knowing what will react to your input, some of the hotkey prompts are hidden.

New controls aren’t the only thing we’ve been working on, there’s also some fun features for the DualSense Wireless Controller.

First up, the lightbar now adds some dramatic effects to Inscryption, matching the ambient in-game lighting, flashing orange when Leshy speaks and shocking red when certain traumatic events occur. Speaking of traumatic events, we’ve also designed specific haptics for them that tightly match the on-screen action – it’s like pulling-teeth!

Other haptic features include a light rumble in the controller relative to the position of whichever card you choose next, and various rumbles as pieces move on and off the table. Feel the heavy Sacrifice Stones slam down on the table!

Last, but not least, Adaptive Triggers provide just enough resistance to make pressing the bell to end your turn extra satisfying, and some key decisions – such as confirming which card to sacrifice to the Bone Lord – resist your trigger finger to give you a final moment to turn back, or make you feel extra guilty!

So there we have it. I hope these new features enhance your enjoyment of Inscryption on PlayStation 5. Playing at night with the lights off is a good call for this one ;)

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