Meet the four-legged cast of Them’s Fightin’ Herds, out October 18

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Meet the four-legged cast of Them’s Fightin’ Herds, out October 18

The developers break down the herd of seven playable characters in this 2D fighter.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds (more lovingly called “TFH”) is a 2D fighting game developed by Mane6, a small team working hard to create an experience both newcomers and veterans of the genre will enjoy together. On October 18, players from around the world can finally join the stampede and play the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for the first time.

Meet the four-legged cast of Them’s Fightin’ Herds, out October 18

Welcome to the World of Foenum

In the mysterious and magical world of Fœnum, all manner of four-legged hooved creatures form societies, develop culture, and train for battle. Different regions and species in Foenum have elected champions to quest for a magical key with the power to lock the Predators away, all while earning glory and prestige for themselves and their own kind. Only one will be found worthy enough to wield this key, and the competition is fierce! 


Them’s Fightin’ Herds is a four-button fighter with Light, Medium, and Heavy attack buttons plus a Magic button to access a character’s unique abilities. Multiple attacks in sequence form combos, which are typically done by going from Light to Heavy then from Ground to Air

Special Moves are executed by performing an attack after a complex directional motion, like in traditional fighting games. Similarly, Super Meter builds during a fight, which can be spent to perform powerful Super Attacks.

Chain together normal attacks, extend your combos with special moves, and finish off your opponent with highly damaging Super Attacks to win the round!

Meet the Characters

Every character approaches combat in their own way, representing a mixture of archetypes familiar to fans of fighting games.


Playstyle: Rushdown // Grounded
Difficulty: Easy

Arizona is the youngest daughter of Texas and Minnesota, Head Bull and Cow of her cattlekind clan, nomads who roam The Prairie in search of greener pastures and open sky.

Despite her size she possesses immense strength for kickin’, stompin’, and headbuckin’ opponents into submission. Her trusty lasso helps her continue combos and catch them unaware!


Playstyle: Zoner
Difficulty: Medium

Velvet hails from Reine City, the posh center for Fœnum’s elite. She might not have much experience outside the city walls, but her talent and smarts keep her in perfect form regardless.

No deer can hold a candle to Velvet in the practice of Winter Magic. She commands sharp icicles, frozen wind, and fancy dance moves to prevent opponents from getting close and spoiling ze floof!


Playstyle: All-Rounder
Difficulty: Medium

Oleander was born deep in the secluded groves of The Woodlands among practitioners of Light Magic, but her frustration over the other unicorns’ indifference to the imminent Predator invasion drove her towards a darker path.

Oleander has formed a pact with a demon known as FHTNG TH§ ¿NSP§KBL? (Fred for short) and now practices Dark Magic. Her varied Special Moves allow her great flexibility, but she must gain power through her Magic ability before she can use most of them.


Playstyle: All-Rounder // Tricky
Difficulty: Medium

Alpacas live high up in the mountains among the ruins of a past civilization. The harsh environment turns most of them into grim stoics, but Paprika is a rare exception. She has a lot of love to give. Maybe too much. If only she could find somebody to give it to. Anybody. She’s not picky.

Paprika thrives on chaos: zipping across the stage in the blink of an eye, tossing gifts from her picnic basket to distract opponents, all while setting up her powerful strikes and grabs.


Playstyle: Puppet // Summoning
Difficulty: Hard

Pom never wanted to be a champion, but the pack of sheep dogs who’ve taken a liking to her seem to sense some hidden potential and urge her along despite her sheepish attitude towards danger.

Pom calls upon and commands various types of these sheep dogs for her attacks. With practice, players can use her abilities to strike from unexpected angles and apply heavy pressure to their opponents.


Playstyle: Rushdown // Aerial
Difficulty: Easy

Tianhuo is a Longma (half-dragon half-horse) and the captain of the royal guard in a proud nation of elite warriors sworn to protect the people of Fœnum. 

With finely-honed martial arts and deadly flame, Tianhuo dominates the skies. Quick attacks and high mobility help players get in, stay in, and keep them guessing.


Playstyle: Rushdown // Runstop
Difficulty: Hard

Shanty is a young orphan from the Goatani Islands on a journey to prove herself worthy of joining a legendary pirate crew. She’s aiming big – her heart’s set on stealing the most valuable treasure in the world: that magic key everyone’s talking about!

Using her Magic ability, Shanty can run at high speeds across the stage and even up walls to rush down and literally walk all over the competition!

And more characters on the way!

These seven characters make up the base roster for TFH, but more challengers are on their way. Gallop through an episodic story mode or jump into the action online and find your favorite when it launches this October 18.

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