Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Campaign Early Access & MP Beta details

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Campaign Early Access & MP Beta details

Activision shares new info on pre-order benefits, including early Campaign access and PlayStation MP Beta Weekend One.

Attention PlayStation Players! Join Task Force 141 up to seven days before the official launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II through a digital pre-order of the game on PlayStation.

Players who preorder a digital edition of Modern Warfare II will gain early access to the game’s Campaign mode* along with other rewards. Starting October 20, enjoy a full week to focus on the single-player, globe-trotting operation before the full game launches on October 28.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Campaign Early Access & MP Beta details

Join classic heroes, new allies

Task Force 141 faces its greatest threat yet — a newly aligned menace with deep connections. The Campaign features missions in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and is set to be an incredible experience on numerous levels: offshore sieges with underwater combat, all-out explosive assaults from 30,000 feet above enemy strongholds, and high-stakes, low-profile stealth missions in both plain sight and under the cover of darkness. 


We’re excited to let PlayStation players know more on how Infinity Ward is approaching the Campaign for this year’s release.

Game development is no easy task. Studio cross-collaboration is the central element in keeping the game development process on track. Having a well-rounded team is crucial to creating a AAA title, especially for the Modern Warfare franchise. Infinity Ward leverages the bevy of experience the team has from past games, film, and TV production to ensure that this title can be the best game it can be for the player base.

For Modern Warfare II, Infinity Ward will dive players in a state-of-the-art experience that will immerse players in a stunning, action-packed game a reality everyone can enjoy.

With improved graphics built via photogrammetry technology, the Modern Warfare II campaign offers an impressive visual fidelity and will be covering some of the smallest of details, like the water’s physics and graphics, to create the most immersive experience yet.

Additionally, thanks to the improved shadows systems, the Campaign will offer improved lighting to create an even more realistic ambient that will help players fully submerge themselves in the single player mode coming to Modern Warfare II.

In addition to improvements you can see, Infinity Ward has gone above and beyond in upgrades you can hear. Thanks to new engine improvements, this opened new possibilities for better sound capture and new features including real-time mixing and natural limiting to help players focus on the task at hand, dive into the narrative and draw players throughout the missions.

With early Campaign access, you’ll be fully prepared to deploy into the game’s Multiplayer options when they open up at game launch.

Modern Warfare II pre-order benefits

In addition to gaining early access to the Modern Warfare II Campaign, digital pre-orders also grant in-game content to be used immediately within Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty: Warzone. You’ll also get Open Beta Early Access** and in-game content available at Modern Warfare II launch.

Modern Warfare II pre-order Rewards

  • Up to one-week early access to the full Modern Warfare II Campaign.
  • Access to the full game on October 28.
  • Open Beta Early Access.
  • Final Judgement Bundle***: Immediate access to the Legendary Deathknell Operator Skin and the Legendary Bloodthirsty Weapon Blueprint for use in Vanguard and Warzone.

Modern Warfare II Vault Edition pre-order rewards

You will get all previously listed rewards, plus:

  • Red Team 141: Four playable Multiplayer Operators — Ghost, Farah, Price, and Soap — each wearing a special masked outfit, which will be available during the Open Beta.
  • FJX Cinder Weapon Vault: At Call of Duty: Next, we plan to share more details on this and the new Gunsmith, which will also be available during the Open Beta.****
  • Season One Battle Pass and 50 Tier Skips: If you purchase the Vault Edition after Season One, the free Battle Pass and Tier Skips apply to the current season.*****
  •  Ghost Legacy Pack: 20+ free items celebrating the Task Force 141 icon, for Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone, unlocked upon pre-purchase.******

Get full access to the Multiplayer Beta

Your pre-order provides early access to the future of Call of Duty Multiplayer combat. The Modern Warfare II Open Beta will be free on PlayStation and will be split into two playable weekends. Early Beta access is granted to those with either digital or retail preorders.

Beta Weekend One: First on PlayStation

The first Beta weekend is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and is scheduled to run from Friday, September 16 at 10 AM PT to Tuesday, September 20 at 10 AM PT. This weekend is for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players only. You are able to access the Beta without requiring the PlayStation Plus subscription service.

PlayStation Open Beta: The rest of the weekend, from Sunday, September 18 at 10 AM PT to Tuesday, September 20 at 10 AM PT, is accessible to all PlayStation players regardless of preorder status. PlayStation players can now experience the impressive amount of Beta content available in Modern Warfare II and can unlock rewards available in-game at launch.

Beta Weekend Two (Crossplay)

The second Beta weekend is scheduled to run from Thursday, September 22 at 10 AM PT to Monday, September 26 at 10 AM PT. Weekend 2 is a free Open Beta open to all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players, whether or not you’ve preordered the game. Crossplay will be active, so you can play with the greater community no matter what hardware they play on.

Stay Tuned for More at Call of Duty: Next

Mark your calendars for September 15, 2022. Get insight regarding the immediate future of Call of Duty during the Call of Duty: Next franchise showcase event! Expect many more details regarding Modern Warfare II, information on the next Call of Duty: Warzone, and more on the mobile version of Call of Duty: Warzone (also known as Project Aurora). This multi-hour event will feature a full Modern Warfare II Multiplayer reveal, a multitude of your favorite streamers playing the games in real time, plus more information and surprises!

Stay frosty.

*One week based on estimated access, actual play time subject to possible outages and applicable time zone differences.

** Actual platform availability and launch date(s) of MP Beta subject to change. See for more details. Minimum Open Beta duration is 2 days. Limited time only, while Early Access Beta Codes last, at participating retailers. Online multiplayer subscription may be required.

*** Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on preorder platform required to redeem Final Judgement Bundle. Sold/downloaded separately. **** Weapon Vault design limited to Weapon Vault contents at launch.

***** Battle Pass and Tier Skips, or equivalent versions, will be accessible in Modern Warfare II once the Season 1 Battle Pass, or equivalent system, is made available in-game. Battle Pass redemption applies to one season of Modern Warfare II Battle Pass, or equivalent system, only.

****** Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / Call of Duty: Warzone required to redeem Ghost Legacy Pack. Sold/downloaded separately. Must be redeemed by October 28, 2023. All pre-purchase customers are eligible to receive Ghost Legacy Pack rewards at a later date. However, Modern Warfare (2019) and Warzone are not available on Steam. For more details, please visit the Call of Duty FAQ.

********* All pre-purchase customers are eligible to receive Ghost Legacy Pack rewards at a later date. 

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