The realism of FIFA 23’s new motion capture technology

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The realism of FIFA 23’s new motion capture technology

FIFA 23’s HyperMotion 2 motion capture system allows the game to be more true-to-life than ever.

FIFA 23 is on the way, and EA is not only looking to make it the most expansive title of the series to date but the most realistic as well. To do this, EA has upgraded its HyperMotion motion capture system to HyperMotion 2 and improved its machine learning algorithm. Both tools capture and put together data to make virtual football as authentic as possible. Said data even comes from actual football matches by the team in Zaragoza, Spain, shot on Xsens technology. All this works together to create the most visually authentic entry in the series thus far.

Real football brought to your PlayStation

FIFA 23 utilizes Advanced 11-v-11 match capture, meaning that actual football players came together for full-on matches using Xsens suits. This year’s game draws from two matches featuring professional teams, including a women’s match (a series first). That capture was then combined with EA’s new machine learning algorithm to make players and the environments around them more lifelike.

Various visual and mechanical enhancements further amplify FIFA 23’s faithfulness to the sport. Players’ limbs now react to the impact of the ball, and fully-3D nets even move when the ball or players make contact with them. Other extra touches like new animations and (over 500) chants for crowds liven up a match’s physical and emotional energy. 

Upgrades to the gameplay formula

HyperMotion 2 and the new machine learning algorithm have a hand in various innovations coming to FIFA 23’s gameplay. EA presented several features made possible thanks to this innovative technology. Full Team Authentic Motion ensures that no two plays are identical. Star-specific run styles, improved technical dribbling, female athlete-specific animations, and left-footed skill moves are now made possible with these advancements. Now more than ever, football matches look and feel more like they do in real life. 

More detailed and more authentic animations lead to more depth and control in the game itself.  For example, Power Shots are a new skill-based risk-reward mechanic that unlocks yet another layer of strategy. To use them, you must carve out the perfect space and aim precisely, pressing L1 and R1, then shoot to activate. If performed correctly, you can score goals with more power and accuracy. However, the longer animations and the need for precision introduce a higher risk.

Defensive areas of the game aren’t left out either. You can lie down behind the wall to block low shots. The new motion capture data also allows players to perform clearance slide, physical, and back heel tackles, which aggressively counter offensive abilities, such as added shooting types like chesting, backspins, and downward volleys. There are even more ways to pass, including the always smile-inducing bum bumping. 

EA is aiming for authenticity with FIFA 23, and every piece of the game is building toward that goal. You can experience this true-to-life football title when it releases on PlayStation 4 and 5 on September 30.

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