How Digimon Survive’s Karma system impacts your Digimon and story, out July 29

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How Digimon Survive’s Karma system impacts your Digimon and story, out July 29

Bandai Namco explains how Digimon are a reflection of the heart in this visual novel.

During a vacation from school, Takuma Momozuka finds himself in an unexpected adventure when playfully investigating a historical landmark after a mysterious earthquake.

Digimon Survive is a visual novel with elements of tactical battles where you follow and guide Takuma through his perilous journey. Your choices will reflect in the story that you experience.  They can affect Karma, Affinity, and Digivolutions.

As Digimon Survive producer, Kazumasa Habu, gave his perspective in our recent Anime Expo Summer Showcase Panel: “In the Digimon Survive setting, Digimon are basically the reflection of what is inside the human heart. And the bond between the Digimon and the human partners are being tested in this sort of dangerous situation. Because of that, each choice you make will have a great impact on how the Digimon will evolve.”

We’re here to give you a better understanding of what this means as we explain the Karma system. Are you ready to see what Karma can do for you and your Digimon?


In Digimon Survive, Takuma will be faced with many decisions and it will be up to you as the player to make them. These decisions could be as simple as what you decide to do in the morning or a choice of fight or flight in a dire situation. Several of these decisions you make will affect your Karma score.  While every choice is valid, your Karma score will directly affect certain aspects of the game. Your highest Karma score will also affect the growth of Takuma’s Digimon, Agumon.

There are three types of Karma:  Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful. Each score is represented by a color and will always be in the same position when you’re prompted.


Decisions that increase your Moral score can range from a focus on justice, sacrifice, or even prudence.  Moral is represented by red and will always be the choice on the left. If Takuma pursues the life of Moral choices, he’ll find common ground with Digimon of the Vaccine attribute.


Compassion, co-operation, and peace are some of the sentiments that comprise a choice that increases your score in Harmony. This score is represented by green and will always be the choice on the right.  Those with a high score of Harmony will be most compatible with Digimon of the Data attribute.


Bold, direct, and objective-driven. Wrathful is represented by yellow and will always occupy the choice that is on the top.  These strong personality traits are most attractive to Digimon of the Virus attribute.


The attributes of Digimon are directly linked to their personality, much like Takuma’s Karma decisions are indicators of his personality type.  Along your adventure, you’ll have several opportunities to recruit other Digimon. In Free Battle mode, you’ll have a chance to “talk” to other Digimon, like Biyomon, to have a chance at recruiting them in your party. You’ll be quizzed on a few questions that relate to their personality. If successful, you can either try to recruit them or request an item.  Having a high Karma score to their corresponding attribute will increase your chances at recruitment.

The attribute of the Digimon also plays a significant role in combat.  Digimon Survive employs a rock-paper-scissor combat mechanic where Vaccine > Virus > Data > Vaccine.  Keep in mind that these will not be direct counters but a rule of thumb when determining efficacy of attacks.  Additionally, Takuma’s highest Karma score will dictate the Digivolution path that Agumon can unlock.  For example, if Takuma’s score in Harmony is highest, Agumon will unlock its Data branch of Digivolutions.

With all these decisions being recorded and measured, rest assured that there is no wrong or right answer to these choices.  Like life, you’ll simply need to make your decisions based on your own personal compass and find your own unique stories and endings.  Guide Takuma through his journey on Friday, July 29 on PlayStation 4 when Digimon Survive releases.

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