Cursed to Golf tees off on August 18 for PS5 and PS4

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Cursed to Golf tees off on August 18 for PS5 and PS4

Get the lowdown on this ‘Golf-Like’ adventure through the afterlife from Chuhai Labs.

We can finally reveal that yes, Cursed to Golf is coming on August 18th and will be there day one on GolfStation PS5 and PS4! As lifelong PlayStation fans, we couldn’t be happier for PlayStation players to hit the links down in the depths of Golf Purgatory with us. So what is Cursed to Golf? Well, it’s a ‘Golf-Like’, meaning it’s kind of like a 2D side scrolling golf game with some genre twisting roguelike elements. Sounds like a weird combo? Take a look at our fresh new trailer, it should make things a little clearer:

Cursed to Golf tees off on August 18 for PS5 and PS4


Welcome to Golf Purgatory

In Cursed to Golf, you play as a would-be golf champion who tragically dies just as he’s about to win a tournament. Instead of making it to heaven (or hell), you find yourself in Golf Purgatory. Once there a burly apparition informs you that you’ve been… CURSED! But it’s not all bad, if you can golf your way through the ever-changing 18 hole course, you’ll be able to ascend back to life. In the grand tradition of every adventure story, no one’s ever made it through before, but hey, things might be different this time. If you fail a hole, prepare for your pesky curse to whisk you all the way back to the beginning of the course so you can start over again.

Golf in the land of the dead is very different to the sport we all know and love. For starters, the course is made up of 18 holes, but each time you tee off, the holes will be randomly selected from over 70 hand-designed ones to create a fresh course. The holes are dungeon-like, often with multiple paths to the flag, going in different directions, complete with all manner of traps and hazards. Some, like water and bunkers you have probably seen before, but there are also Grave Grabbers, deadly spikes, explosive TNT boxes and more to stop you in your tracks. The course is also spread across 4 biomes: Purgatory, The Desert, The Caverns and Hell, each adding unique twists and turns based on their theme. On top of all that, you only have 5 shots to make it to the flag. Damn, this curse doesn’t mess around!

An Ace in the Hole

We’re not completely evil though, there are of course a load of ways to give yourself an edge through this challenging course. In addition to hazards, the holes are also littered with helpful objects.Shot Idols are a blessing from the golf god, awarding you extra shots for smashing through them, teleporters will take you closer to the flag, even TNT boxes can sometimes hide shortcuts, should you detonate them  properly! On top of that, ACE CARDS offer you awesome single-use abilities that you could never use in real life. Rewind time with a Mulligan, freeze water with the Ice Ball, guide your ball to its target with the Rocket Ball, get out of sticky situations with a Portal and blast your ball into three with the Scattershot. These are just a few of the over 20 power ups you’ll have access to.

Charting Your Course

In between holes, you’ll be able to drive around the map in your Golf Cart. On your way to the next hole, you might see some treasure chests or card packs. You might come across a totally-not-shady-at-all guy who will meet you at forks in the road and help you choose a path to take. It’s always a good idea to stop by the Eterni-Tee shop to buy card booster packs, switch up your outfit, or store a few special cards in your binder so they can survive in between runs. There’s also a practice green available, where you have unlimited shots and access to all previously unlocked Ace Cards. This area is a great spot for testing out wacky shots and tactics. Try stacking up to three Ace Cards on top of each other in one shot and see just how far you can push the mechanics. After all, Play Has No Limits™ ;).

I haven’t even gotten round to talking about the boss battles, cursed holes, online leaderboards, and the supreme challenge that awaits you in… HELL! Well, maybe that’s something I can discuss next time. Until then, please look forward to Cursed to Golf on PS5 and PS4, coming on August 18th.

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